Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WWW.Wednesday = BOOKS

Blogger's Note: I made a mistake last week with regard to the book I was currently reading, which I wasn't enjoying. The book I meant was Night Film (I've corrected it here), and not The Woman Upstairs (which I really, really liked)

I missed posting books last week because I didn’t have anything new to report. It was a sluggish reading week. But I’ve made some progress so I’m reporting in. (Please click on Goodreads caption under each photo to be directed there until I have time to figure out the linking stuff.)

What are you currently reading?

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book is taking me far too long. It’s like I’m finding every single reason NOT to read it. It might be that I am not a horror fan and this is a horror story. I don’t know what to think but I am still plugging away, and with roughly 30% left, I will finish by week's end.

What did you recently finish?


I listened to this book written by the same author of (yet unread but will read) The Silver Lining Playbook. There is a point in every book, which I just love. It is when the inference of its title is revealed. It was sweet, light and tender as is this book. And there were definitely some laugh out loud moments. I liked it.

What will you read next?


I’ve been talking about reading this book for so long. It’s time. If you’ve read, please come back next week to discuss.

Also, I need an audio book recommendation for this weekend. Something interesting by lighter fare would be nice. Any suggestions?

As always, thanks to Should Be Reading for hosting.


Teepee12 said...

I loved "Hiding in Plain Sight: The Other People in Norman Rockwell's Paintings" (Jane Petrick) and highly recommend it. Not available in Audio, just print and Kindle.

I gave up on Swords of Waar (audible version). Hated the narrator and didn't care for the story. Halfway through, I said phooey, my time is worth more than this.

I loved "Kill City Blues" (Richard Kadrey) and "Wisp of a Thing" (Alex Bledsoe) and am in the middle of "The Rithmatist" (Brandon Sanderson) and am enjoying it very much.

I've got a reading waiting list a mile long and I think it's possible I'll never catch up.

Gina said...

My "to read" list is ridiculous too! Thanks for the recommendations. I prefer listening to books while driving, or silence, rather than music.

Anonymous said...

I really like Matthew Quick's writing! I'm glad you enjoyed his latest book. :-)

Ink Pages and Words said...

The Good Luck of Right Now sounds really interesting. I have been meaning to read a Matthew Quick book so I must check it out. Happy reading and thank you for stopping by my WWW.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not enjoying The Woman Upstairs, I have this to read on my Kindle but haven't got round to it yet! Thanks for visiting me earlier in the week!

Gina said...

Hi Beth,
I made a mistake and put the wrong book picture at the top. That's supposed to be Night Film, NOT The Woman Upstairs (which I really liked).