Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yeah Write Moonshine: Saturday at the Mall

I’m betting within less than a minute reading this post, you will ask this question.

“Gina! Why the hell did you go on a Saturday?”

So I should start there.

I went to the mall on a Saturday afternoon for four primary reasons:

1.    It’s a gorgeous day in the Chicagoland area, full of bright sunshine, not too warm or cold, just right! My mall is the outdoor type with flowers, fountains, and all the pretty stuff.

2.    I had time to kill. And since I’m not much of a group shopper especially if I’m shopping for myself, it seemed like the perfect time because I was by myself.

3.    I despise the current contents of my closet. I’m not pleased with my choices, but it is my fault for that. I haven’t been to the mall, or shopping in any form for that matter, in four months. I dislike everything I have from the last few years.

4.    I have a date tonight and I would like to look nice.

What I quickly remembered about the whole driving there, shopping around, and driving home is I don’t like to go to the mall at all, especially on weekends.

And I’m not sure if my annoyance with the mall today is because I’m getting older, less patient, or I’m in a crabby mood. Probably all three.

The parking lot was a disaster because everyone (along with their sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.) was there. No parking spaces were available and I don’t mean the ones near a door either. There were cars lined up two deep, in each row, blocking passage for the rest of us. Annoyed, I circled and circled and circled before I scored my way far away spot.

Arriving into the interior of the mall is where the real fun began!

Three things here annoyed me (but, of course, there were plenty more).

People don’t use manners (could be post on its own). This bothers me immensely because I think I’m exceptionally polite. I use “please” and “thank you” obsessively. And I notice when other people are too ("See, honey, that lady/kid/daddy used good manners."). If I see you coming from a few feet behind, I will wait for you to get there holding the door open so it doesn’t slam in your face because I’m nice. And many of you didn't even bat an eye or spare a second to squeak out “Thank you”. That’s just rude.

Most weekend shoppers are browsers. They take up all the fitting rooms by trying on too many things, walk together in packs blocking racks, and talk far too loudly. It is not the same for the lone shoppers who tend to be on a mission. We aren’t there for fun. We are there to purchase, then leave. So when you are gregariously strolling through stores, please remember your spatial awareness (where your body is in relation to mine). I am not fond of strangers encroaching on my personal space or running directly into me and maybe, or not, saying “excuse me” or “sorry”. Sometimes I think I’m invisible. Additionally, your perfume should be smellable to you, the people in your personal space, but not stuffing the nostrils of the rest of us who are five or more feet away.

Nothing fit the way I wanted.

I didn’t leave empty-handed though, so that cheered me up until I decided to stop at the grocery store on my way home at 4:30pm on a Saturday.

may be getting older and less patient but I am definitely crabby. And I need to get out of this mood because I have a DATE tonight!!!!!


LaTonya Baldwin said...

Hope the company puts you in a good mood. I don't do malls. Worse, I hate not liking what's in my closet. Is there a purge in your future. We're older. Time to wear what looks good on your body. If the clothes don't look good, pack 'em off. The problem is the item not your body. Look good, feel good. I'll get off my box now.

Linda Roy said...

I hope you're having fun on your date Gina! I SO relate to this post; especially because I am the female Larry David. ;) I used to love going to the mall and now not so much. People don't exhibit the same manners they used to overall and it's just crowded, I can't stand a lot of the music they play...and yes, I'm old and crabby and less patient for sure! :)

Stacie said...

Have a great date! You don't even want to know how long it's been since I've shopped. just can't be bothered so I'm tacky in my neighborhood of NYC influenced moms..

psychochef said...

I hope you had a fantastic time on your date!

Samantha Brinn Merel said...

Yuck, I loathe the mall. One of the best parts about living in Manhattan was that I never had to go to a mall to shop. Now that I'm a suburban girl all the good stores are in the mall, and ours is the indoor kind. I avoid it like the plague.

Jack said...

Crabby, yeah sounds about right. ;)