Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Is The Only Way Today

It feels like a long time since I’ve sat my butt down in this seat, in my study, to write a post about random things. You might think otherwise. You might think all of my posts are random. You may have a point.

I just returned from a very long walk with an old friend. I wouldn’t say she’s a close friend, just a friend friend. You know what I mean. I’ve known her a long time, seventeen years. We know a lot of the same people and raised our children in the same community/schools and in a similar fashion. It was delightful and the fresh air felt fantastic. I actually put it off for a month and I’m not sure why.

What I realized immediately after I walked inside my house was I really wish I’d make/take time to do this more often.  Not just communicate over the phone, through texts or on Facebook but see friends in the flesh. Look at them. 

I see my really, really close friends (in the flesh, not naked!) extremely often. I’m not talking about them but other people I care about that I connect with much less frequently. If not now, then when? This is something that's been going through my brain a lot lately.

Speaking of texting. I just had a conversation with one of my closest friends via text. She asked me why things were a certain way with a couple we both know. I realize I'm only giving you a snapshot but maybe you'll get the gist. The conversation went like this:

I don’t want to boss my man around. I don’t want him to let me either. It doesn’t help me feel good or better about myself. It would actually make me feel crummy. 

It was funny that we both thought for a day it might be...well, you know. But we value other things on our Christmas list rather than being "the boss" of everything. I might need to give that more thought!

Speaking of Christmas lists and for those of you with young kids, appreciate the fact that you get Santa lists or crayon circled items in the Toys R Us or Walmart flyers. It’s not easy shopping for "big" children with no lists or ideas. I never did get that crystal ball I asked for all those years ago, which would help me in situations precisely like this. It takes a whole lot more energy.

T-minus 11 days until this body must insert itself into a swimsuit. Is there nothing more frightening in the wintertime? Yes, there is! Trying on swimsuits under fluorescent lights is worse.

While I’m extremely happy to be getting out of here, I’m intensely short on time for holiday preparations and that swimsuit thing hangs over me (YES! I can be a bit vain sometimes). Maybe it would help if I got off the computer.

Off to decorate.

Thanks Stacy, Shawn and Impulsive Addict for indulging our randomness another week. 

Seriously Shawn


DEZMOND said...

there really isn't anything better than a winter walk with a nice friend!

Gina said...

I wholeheartedly agree and I must do it more often. I love walking in the winter!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

We have a new gym on the base that is closest to where we live. They have an indoor pool and I've wanted to take Christopher. But one I have my winter thighs and one of them has a bruise on it. So I am passing up the opportunity to get my exercise on in the pool because of thighs and a bruise. How vain is that? And completely off the subject how are your text bubbles so big? Is that a setting? I'd like to not squint at my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to go for a jog but I live in South Carolina and it's 70 degrees today so I can't really call it a winter walk. I was actually thinking about slipping my bikini on and getting some sun lol!

Gina said...

How did you get that big bruise??? You're a little vain like me. I, too, have severe case of winter thighs. I keep putting lotion on them hoping/thinking that helps.

Change the font size. My kids did it for me over Thanksgiving because, apparently, they didn't like my constant squinting or "will you read this for me?" I believe it's under settings.

Gina said...

It's probably 50 here today which is lovely and the sun is trying to peek out. I guess it wasn't technically a "winter" walk here either but by the weekend, it will be. Now I'm mad at you that it's so warm there. You must be a hot, young thing if you're putting on your bikini and if that's the case I like you but not really ;-) Just kidding.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Cool! I'll look for it. My bruise happened when we visited friends Thanksgiving weekend. It was the corner of something. I am naturally clumsy and a magnet to corners of something but I've learned how to navigate my way around my own house unless I slip "into" the tub (the way I got the last one). I can't wait to change my phone settings! I can't believe iGeek over here didn't know that was a thing.

Jack said...

I have no idea what winter thighs are, but I'll just let that be. I got the Galaxy Note II last week and now I never have to squint at my phone.

It is a pretty big unit, but it is much easier on my eyes so that is good.

I am with you regarding the in person visits. There is no substitution for personal contact.

BTW, Chanukah starts Saturday so I hear you regarding gifts. We have a few, but not all.

Gina said...

I can't believe the "techie" didn't know that either ;-)

Gina said...

That's smart. I'm sure you guys don't worry about those. I saw you got a new one somewhere. Glad you like it. A phone is a phone to me. I use mine for texting and calls. I do like emails too so that. Font only big for text, though.

I'm trying to get away from the whole texting and phone thing and setting up times to get together instead like my walk today. Life's short. I need to prioritize my time better with things that mean more to me.

Get out there! Go pick some stuff up at your favorite place...Costco!

TMWHickman said...

I used to go walking in the park with my neighbor, every evening after work. We weren't best buds, but I did enjoy her company.

I haven't worn a bikini since I was ten. I actually would prefer to wear those old-timey swimsuits that went to your ankles. No worrying about sunscreen that way!

My nephews and nieces told me that they just want 'gift cards' for the Xbox and the iPad. Okay, that's one less thing I have to worry about!

Gina said...

It was lovely. And I want to spend more time outside as the winter approaches. If you're dressed properly, It's wonderful!

I enjoy two piece suits. They are very freeing. Now whether anyone else enjoys seeing me in them is another story. My family is fine with it. They are NOT my daughter's string bikinis (good luck diving in those, babycakes!) We pack gobs of sunscreen.

I give cash to nieces and nephews. It's my kids that's the problem. They don't ask for anything but they are getting vacation so I'm just about finished.

Jack said...

Wish I could. We shall see what comes this year.