Saturday, July 14, 2012

When Your Babies Grow Up: Happy Birthday, Matt!

How does it happen? How does time go by so quickly?

As I get older, the years peel away at such a rapid rate that it scares the pants off me...figuratively, of course. I know it’s proportional, to the number of years I’ve lived.

And I wouldn’t trade anything, change anything that has happened in my life because that would mean I wouldn’t be in this exact spot…right at this very minute, this split second even.

So how did it happen that my baby, my youngest, turned 19 years old today?

 (Picture courtesy of Anne Geddes)

I woke him for work this morning. Not because he didn’t have an alarm set or isn’t responsible (well somewhat responsible) but because I wanted to do what I have done his whole life. I wanted to stare at him for a few moments, his gorgeous sleeping face, and his beautifully golden skin before lightly rubbing his back causing him to stir. Thinking to myself, how can I be anywhere else but right here, right now? And remembering just how he came to be.

Happy 19th Birthday darling boy! I’m so lucky and so proud of you!

I wish time would stand still just for a few moments, just so I can catch up to it.


  1. Happy Birthday Matt.

    My baby turns 8 next week. Yesterday I got "caught" staring at her and she got upset.

    When I told her I was thinking about how fast she is growing up she said I have to stop acting like the weird dad.

    Until I became a parent I never believed that time could move as fast as it does.

    1. My kids catch me staring all the time and just say, "What ?" and I say, "Oh, nothing."

      weird is a common word at 8!

      Watching them grow makes it go all the faster. They go back to school in just one month :-(

  2. My oldest son turns 15 in a few weeks and embarks on high school a few weeks after that. My youngest son is right on his heels and turns 14 the following month. I am realizing that there isn't much time left with them, and everyone tells me that high school flies by. I don't want this summer to end. I want to cherish this time.

    1. Just about Irish twins for you! High School screams by, not just flies. Then they move off to college and your life feels a bit empty. THAT'S when you need the right person in your life because you're kind of newlyweds again. I'm fortunate in that regard.

  3. Oh my goodness, you made me get all teary, thinking of your moment. I am glad that you were there, Mom!

    1. It was SWEET! And it's the only real time I get to snuggle him like I used to do. I mean, he still puts his arm around me but it's different because he's 6'2", I still hug him looking way up, and I kiss his check every day as many times as he will let me. But the five, ten minutes that I still get to rub his back are heaven to me.