Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I WILL NOT Be Out-Flirted: Dr. Handsome As Hell

(Dr. Doug Ross...Remember Him?)

I originally became associated with Dr. A-Hole upon arrival at the “big city” hospital in Fort Wayne, IN, after transferring from a small hospital unequipped to handle me. He was condescending with the worst bedside manners ever exhibited by a physician. Even though my pain level (I have a high tolerance) and my devastation regarding the situation may have affected my mood; the general consensus was…this guy’s a big jerk.

Without much choice, I let Dr. A-Hole shave parts of my head and drill 4 screws into my skull to stabilize my neck with a halo because that was the only decision he was prepared to make before he left for his big weekend off. He’d reevaluate my situation after his three-day vacation.

The next morning, a well-known orthopedic surgeon was due to visit for a second opinion, which is always wise to do. Dr. SO (Second Opinion), as a favor for a friend, agreed to see me at 6 a.m. before his usual rounds. How nice was that? And I was ready for him, looking and smelling awesome, I’m sure, in my new headdress and unshowered for three days!

Raise your hand if you’d be prepared for Dr. “Handsome As Hell” to walk through the ICU door, dressed in a fine fitting (custom, no doubt) suit and smiling a warm “hello” at 6:00 in the morning. He leaned against my bed taking my hand and looked me in the eyes, “How are you this morning? Did you rest well?” If my head and jaw weren’t essentially nailed into place, my chin would have been resting on my chest. All I could think was, "I look like S@#T" and I blushed (so unlike me!).

I guess he proceeded to outline, in great detail, all the steps he would take to fix me but all I could do was look at him. Oh and he was kind and charming, too.

The minute he walked out the door I simply said to my guy who liked him as well, “Fire the A-Hole. Dr. Hot Stuff (I used his real name) is doing my surgery”. I wouldn’t hire him only because he was good looking (I actually would have preferred the opposite). Yet, he did know his medicine!

Well, this meant more visits. He visited me on Friday late afternoon in jeans and a cool shirt (must have been going out). Yikes! And not fair to someone trapped in a bed, scummed out, with hardware and tubes sticking out all over the place.

It was just us. And he was flirting and smiling and joking, not looking or acting doctorly at all. It was the way he said things; he kept touching my feet and my hands but not in a creepy way, and sat on the edge of my bed. He stayed for 20 minutes chatting. (He must have been bored or had nothing else to do.)

I swear I wasn’t imagining it. Flirts know when someone’s working it. I flirted back a little because I was all drugged up and everything. But he had me here. He was all decked out and I looked like a truck hit me.

He came back again before surgery, all smiles and touches then afterwards to tell us the post surgical news and he held my hand when he talked (love his bedside manners). Sunday morning’s visit (by myself again) included casual slacks and crisp white shirt which I thought looked great. Doesn’t this guy ever wear a lab coat? Thank God I’d brushed my teeth and had a sponge bath so I wasn’t too offensive. Plus I was feeling much better. By this time, he felt more like a friend than anything. Very harmless flirtation ensued.

Well, today was my follow up appointment post surgery and my mom took me to the “city” this time. I actually showered, put on a little makeup and a sundress for my big outing. I felt and looked a whole lot better than two weeks before.

Seeing Dr. HAH (Handsome As Hell) today was like seeing an old friend. Got a hug, a few shoulder touches (or maybe he was just examining me ;-)) and a “Don't you look nice?” However, when we walked out, my mom said, “It seemed like you were flirting with each other.”

Maybe I hadn’t imagined the whole thing and maybe we were.

I’m still on pharmaceuticals, you know.

But really...who flirts with a girl with a broken neck? That's kind of strange.

The only thing McDreamy has on Doug Ross is his blue eyes. Not all the hot doctors are just on T.V.


  1. That flirting was wonderful for your self-esteem, wasn't it? Hooray for that doc!

    1. He sure made a pitiful girl feel really, really good! Did wonders for me. He truly is a great, skilled and sensitive doctor.