Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Near Perfect Day: Stream of Consciousness Sunday

This week’s (optional) prompt for Stream of Consciousness Sunday (Thank you Jana's Writing Place):
Tell me about a keepsake that you treasure and will hold on to until death do you part.

Remember this is five minutes only. Unedited and un-spell (I know that’s not a word) checked.

Aside from some letters, I really can’t think of much more. Take it all way, steal it, whatever. Actually,  you can. My doors are never locked; purse and keys are in my always open car. Sure, if someone actually did, I'd be inconvenienced and it would stink for sure.

What I do treasure, and remember and hold close to my heart are memories of near perfect days. And today is one of them. It’s one of them purely due to its utter simplicity.

Sleeping in late, the smell of coffee wafted though my bedroom door signaling that it was time for me to descend.

A juicy burger and an ice cold beer in the afternoon hadn't touched these lips in what seems like forever and that’s exactly what we did. Mixing with the locals at the nearby tavern who serves the best burgers for miles (or broasted chicken) we devoured but most importantly we TALKED! It felt so good to just talk.

I sunbathed while reading the National Enquirer. Then fell asleep in a lounge chair.

Laundry was done for me today. Without me ever asking or expressing the desire for help. Is it Mother’s Day?

Dinner is covered without me having to lift a finger. Pizza! Yee Haw!

Tonight, I’ll sip a glass of wine, we'll find a good movie to watch on the television, and simply relaxed.

It’s been a perfect day and I have one person to thank. Your thoughtfulness will be amply rewarded, I assure you!


  1. Replies
    1. At the very end of the day, it was wonderful yet simple.

  2.! Sounds like you have perfect days down to a science. I need to hang out with you more!

  3. That sounds perfect! Where do I sign up for that?? Thanks for joining SOCSunday!

  4. I love perfect, relax your butt off kind of days! :)