Friday, July 13, 2012

Forbidden: Write On Edge

The word from Write On Edge is Forbidden.


Just the utterance of the word, “forbidden”, gets a reaction from her because, of course, it’s all about what she’s not supposed to want; what she’s not supposed to do. 

Her heart immediately picks up it’s pace and she feels the flush rise in her cheeks. It’s as if she can feel the simple spoken word coursing through her veins. She reacts to it that much. But maybe it’s not the word so much as it’s the thought of the forbidden “one”.

The feeling is scary and sensual and exciting and enticing, all at the same time. Her body tingles, slightly vibrating. It's as if fingers on a non-existent hand are curling into itself, one by one starting with the littlest finger, beckoning her to come along. And her mind has left the building.

Her body struggles, challenged because it’s really difficult when you’re being coaxed toward the forbidden AND your mind has already given a half “yes”.

This is what “forbidden” has her do. And she’s doing it willingly with purpose and the forbidden one in mind.

I will step slowly towards you closing the small space between us and gently push you back until the wall allows you to move no further. There’s no one here but us. Don't worry.

With my hands lightly resting at your shoulders, my body will press against yours starting at our thighs, then our hips, belly buttons. My breasts will find your chest; heartbeats will find each other. Our bodies will react to the warmth and pressure in the most rhythmic way. My lips seeking your collar bone.

I will slowly make my way up the length of your neck, softly kissing and sucking yet careful so as not to make it obvious. Once reaching your earlobe, I will take it into my mouth and bite it. Maybe not so gently, it just depends. Breathing softly into your ear. Hands following every inch of the way.

My lips will accidentally brush your open mouth as they seek shelter on the other side, behind your other ear. Working my way entirely and tirelessly down, until they find the hallow of your throat; their resting place. My favorite spot. This is where my hands will meet too. On your chest.

Gently pushing away from you, my eyes meeting yours; they look as deep inside as they can see. Smiling I'll say, “This is what you get when you come too close to me. I warned you something like this would happen.

She knew she shouldn't have gotten so close to forbidden either. Because that would happen...and next time...


  1. *fans self*

    Well! I don't think that I need any coffee to wake up this morning, not after that.

    1. Touche! Felt the same about yours! But I always need coffee.

  2. Yes, steamy.
    I would revisit the paragraph "My lips.." Some of the punctuation confuses the sequence of her actions.

    And now I need a cold drink to press against myself. Thanks.

    1. I agree with the choppiness so I reworked a bit. Thanks!

      Yes, writing it creates warmth on my end as well.

  3. Mmmm. McSteamy. Not generally my cup of tea, but it's vivid and well-presented. And I absolutely love the last paragraph, leaving it on the "it's going to be forbidden again" idea was positively brilliant. Well done!

    1. I generally don't write this way on my blog but do for other things I'm writing. The word forbidden brought out the saucy today!

      There's something addictive about the forbidden. Starting down the path would make it hard to stop, I think. Staying on the straight and narrow...a far wiser choice!

  4. Nice job. I am always envious of people who can write scenes like this and do it as well as you have! I always feel like I struggle with making them believable. I love it.

    1. Thanks. Lots more where that one came from. It takes a little practice (personal experience helps) and is awkward at first. You just have to get your mind floating in that place and then the words come out.