Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Is Random in It's Purist Form, TOTALLY!

There’s a lot going on here. I’m exhausted after our holiday weekend but I think the reason for this will be in another post entirely. I just have to be ready to write it. And I’m not ready today, at least not this morning. Maybe later.

I’m writing from my bed, all propped up with pillows, and the sun is coming up. Can you see it? There it is!

 (Not the best picture, but you get the idea, right?)

It rises directly into my window as it shines it’s morning beam down the length of the lake. And I love being woken by a stream of sunlight softly resting on my cheek. It's warmth rustling me out of slumber. 

This is probably my favorite time of day. The blissful time you float yourself awake. Ignoring it for as long as I can, acceptance begins to creep in but my eyes remain closed; closed for as long as I can without peeking. My brain starts to stir and I begin to think. Some of my best thoughts occur right at this very minute of the day; at the exact time my eyes struggle to open and I urge them to remain closed just a little while longer. And these thoughts, they run the gamut.

As you can tell, I milk this time of the day for all it’s worth. There’s no other like it, in my mind. I try to stay still for as long as my schedule (or everyone else’s) will allow.

This morning, the water is calm. And there’s a gentle breeze I can see moving the leaves in the massive ash tree in my yard (it's 15 feet around!). If I had to make a guess, I’d say it’s going to be another hot one. It has “the look”.

Not much on the agenda today, but there really hasn’t been lately with the exception of weekend visitors. I’m a little crabby because there’s no coffee yet and I could get up and make it but I don’t want to ruin this moment, quite yet. The words are flowing and I hate stopping them.

I can tell you that I’ve been writing all kinds of stuff lately. Just not stuff for here. And I should be or maybe not. I still need to, and want to, get to an award my friend, a.eye, over at “Shouldn’t Life Be More Than This?” gave me last week, The Liebster Blog Award. I will do that today (I really have had a good reason for not writing here lately, I promise.)

I was looking for book recommendations yesterday and happened to be with some of  my book fanatic college aged friends. It was a beautiful thing hearing three twenty-one year olds discuss books and the pros and cons of two series they had all read, The Hunger Games and A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). They thoughtfully considered which series I, a book fanatic as well, would enjoy more and why. It is exactly the type of conversation I would love to have with anyone but to be having it with college kids, for some reason, felt really special to me. Okay, I’ve been sappy lately!!! I admit it.

They chose…..The Hunger Games for me. 

I was to begin last night but felt more like writing. So I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. Until close to 3:00am. So when the sun started throwing pebbles at my window early this morning because I had forgotten to draw the shade so I could sleep in a bit, it arrived a little sooner than I wanted. I started to write...very early.

Something you don’t know about me is that I spend some time writing romantic encounters. Of all kinds. And I really mean ALL kinds. Steamy ones are my favorite and a few of those kept me up last night. They just kept rolling off my mind and threw my finger tips.  To ignore them and not get them down in writing would be a waste or a shame, at the very least. They held me captive, I swear.

Okay, was that TMI? I hope not and if it was…so sorry! But I enjoy writing these, this way, and I do hope we all spend some time writing these kinds of stories. They’re fun! Fun for me.

Yes, you are free to call me weird if you want.

I suppose the coffee doesn’t make itself and I’m jonzin’.

I believe I will turn this random day into a purely writing day and when my fingers or my mind give up or need a break, I have The Hunger Games hungrily waiting in the wings for it’s pages to be caressed. Lay off the romance you say? NEVER!


  1. I did finally give in and read The Hunger Games. I enjoyed it (outside of the author's obsessive use of sentence fragments. Like this. And this. To speak. In short bursts. Instead of full sentences. Irked me. Really. Irked me.) But, the concept was so novel that it really did hold my interest. I will admit, though, that I didn't necessarily have enough interest to finish the series. I did start the second book but...eh. I'll pick it back up from the library one day. In fact, I only read the first book b/c my oldest daughter wanted to see the movie. I'd read reviews and knew the basic premise, so I wanted her to read the book first, to formulate her own visual of the games before being bombarded with someone else's perception. She got to chapter 2 and said she wasn't interested. I'm secretly glad b/c my instincts said she was too young (I still haven't seen the movie).

    1. I haven't seen the movie yet either. I'm sure I will at some point.

      All the kids were in agreement to read book one. I, actually, like fragmented thoughts and sentences. Maybe I, too, will be annoyed but who knows until I knock it out? Two liked book two and none were crazy about book three but felt that if you one and two, you ought read three because it's a commitment.

      So, therefore, I will probably read all three but I've really been writing.

  2. I have a sleeping mask and that sun would annoy me. I tend to not sleep at but for 3 or 4 hours at a time. and I really treasure sleep. My hub calls them blinders.
    read all the romances you want and let your creativity flow.

    1. I love the sun coming in and if I'm not planning on getting up which I always try not to do, I throw a pillow over my head and turn over. I'm good at falling back to sleep in the morning. During the night, however, that's a different story altogether.

      I read them sometimes and I write them a lot. I actually love writing about the dates, kisses, etc. Don't know why. I just do!

  3. I love a lazy morning. And I haven't read the book, but the Hunger Games movie was really good.

    1. I'm in love with lazy mornings! I could stay in bed for hours, reading and writing.

  4. The Hunger Games, and the other two books, are good. However, Game of Thrones and its fellow books are awesome. Some of the best stuff ever.

    Write when you gotta, I say. I hope that I get to read some of it soon, because you are an awesome writer!

    1. Well, I have both sets of books courtesy of my daughter. So based on your recommendation, I will read Game of Thrones as well. My daughter loved the Game of Thrones series.

      I'm writing what I gotta say for sure and with a purpose. Maybe...you would be willing to read some of my "not for here but for there" stuff and let me know what you think...at some point? Mixed in with that, I will leisurely write too because that is so freeing to me.

      AND you are always too nice to me!

  5. I love waking up slowly too but not when the sun comes up. Good grief!

    The Hunger Games trilogy is wonderful, you'll love it!

    Welcome to TTUT and thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I have the wonderful ability to go back to sleep right after I smile and acknowledge the beautiful sun coming through my window. If no one is bugging me, I throw a pillow over my head and go right back to my dreams. It's perfect.

      I'm excited to read them. Great timing for me. And I'm thrilled to find a fun spot to land on Tuesdays where I can read other bloggers that I don't know. See you next week!

  6. Now, your view sounds PERFECT! However, my room is like a dungeon. Light doesn't enter my room until I get up and open the curtains and blinds! I love sleeping in!! Or maybe I'm just lazy....

    Thanks for linking up with us!!!

    1. You're not lazy! I love sleeping in because I'm usually up far too late. If I don't, then I am severely short on sleep. I'm the master of the re-pad though. I can get up if I have to, do some stuff, then climb back in to catch up. Not a napper, though.