Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Truth or Dare? (100-Word Challenge)

I thought about her as I was stirring awake today, a modern-day flower child. I have no idea why, but this part of the story is pure.

Only regarding her at length once before, she bebopped up next to me as I walked. Her hair held fresh blooms.

“Tell me a story.”

My mind was utterly paralyzed. 



The first words that came to my mind were these.

“Truth or dare?”


At first my weave was frantic, unsure. But softly I settled into a surprisingly elaborate web.

“Is this true?”

“I’m not sure. Does it sound real?”


This was written for Tara's 100-Word Challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook. The word was "Speak" to be used in any form or inferred. 

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