Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Like We Didn't All Know?

Of course, we knew Strasburg would pitch today. Are you kidding? "Under the weather", yeah, right. I had to laugh when former Cub's coach, Dusty Baker, blamed the change of weather, hotel and Cub's clubhouse AC and Chicago's mold for undermining the general health of his team, but, first and foremost, their star pitcher.  I'm just a lifelong fan, and even I knew the game he was playing. What high level athlete with the sniffles is going to decline to play the potentially biggest game of the season for his team?


It's Chicago. It's blustery. The weather changes on a dime, and it's two hours to game time.


(Wonder if there are tickets for sale today due to postponement?)


Josh said...

It is LA's time to revisit our championship days. Dodger blue is where it is at.
The Cubbies are good for another 100 years now. :)

Gina said...

What a game last night! Late bedtime because who could sleep through that? They will be exhausted by the time they get to LA, no real starting pitchers available either, but they are scrappy so watch out! I predict a Dodger's series win against what my heart wants though not a sweep. That said, no one can take away last year! It's been a fun season. Don't know how much more stress I can take watching those close ones for the next three weeks. Good luck!