Thursday, January 5, 2017

It Had Absolutely Nothing to Do With Revenge

The Good Wife
While making dinner the other night, I sliced up some New Year’s Eve steak for our plates. Thinking it was my post-party tastebuds, I served the seemingly sour steak anyway avoiding my plate in the process.

“Not feeling it today. I’ll stick with veggies and salad.”

Next morning at 5:00, the dog was gagging, which I conveniently ignored.

That night he asked if I’d heard her and how my stomach was because he’d felt nauseous all damn day.

“Nope and fine.”

I’ve never been thought of as cold or heartless. Lackadaisical is another story. Today, though I’m queazy.

Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook at gave us the word COLD to formulate our 100 word response. Come over and do it with us. It's colder than a witch's you-know-what here! 


Kenya G. Johnson said...

Hmmm I wonder if I can comeback with a 100 word prompt? Happy New Year to you Gina! Hope the queasiness doesn't stick around.

Gina said...

You CAN! Come on, Kenya!!!!

It's my payback for being a bit shady. Around here we always say "What goes around comes around". I got what I deserved ;-).

TL Roberts said...

Steak or revenge is best served cold?