Friday, December 23, 2016

Guess Who Got to Play Santa Yesterday at the Aquarium?!?!?

Like everyone, I am crazy busy right now. The only thing I will add to that is I am sick. Ugh! 

“I never get sick.” said I recently. 

Then wham! Bit my ass. Actually, I think it’s the same cold I had a month ago that came back with a vengeance. 

Not. No time.

Did you know I am not a shopper? Actually, I am kind of money spending adversive. It scratches nary an itch. Christmas shopping, therefore, gets rather mentally tricky for me. I am not Scrooge. Has nothing to do with the holiday. I just don’t enjoy spending money except on travel. 

You will never find me out browsing around, or window shopping. It’s not my first or tenth choice of preferred activities. I buy. I spend if I/we need something. Sometimes I even get asked to go shopping with a close friend who knows, and they assure me that they will pull the quick trigger.

I am wrapped and ready. It helps that I don’t have little ones. Although, my 23-year-old son has never openly admitted to not believing in Santa. When he was about 10-years-old, I’ll never forget him walking into my study. 

“If I believe in Santa, does he still leave me presents?”


Not another word was ever said.

Speaking of the man-of-the-month, guess what? 

Yesterday I got to play Santa at the aquarium. We didn’t do this last year, and it was an incredible experience. I’d like to think I made hundreds of children happy. I was certainly in a ton of photos. Here are a few:

Fist pumping Santa!

I stuffed my tummy with big towels to pull off a Santa belly!

I also finished my book tree this week. Try it! It is NOT as easy as one might think. Most of those darn books are the same dimensions. For the most part, it is the depth of the tomes and some smaller sized paperbacks that pulled this off. I cheesed it up with some garland, but it currently stands unadorned which I like better. It is in my bedroom and the balance is precarious. I know someone who won't be happy if it falls post-midnight! Which one do you like better?

It is hard for me to remember to say “Happy Holidays”. It doesn’t spring from my lips as easily as “Merry Christmas”. I mean no disrespect.

Just know, however you are spending this beautiful season, make it meaningful. Whatever meaningful means to you.

For me, it will be all about spending time. Being present. Real, touchy-feely, interactions. I can’t wait.

Time for some Day-Quil.


Jack said...

It is easy to get sick when you are 75. ;)

Feel better.

sanju sharma said...

i didnt got any gift from santa.......

Gina said...

If I'm 75; that makes you 68! Thanks. Feeling about 60%. Hoping to continues in the right direction. Hope you had fun at home for the holidays!

Gina said...


sanju sharma said...

Thanks gina.. will stay with your believe.
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