Wednesday, April 6, 2016

100 Word Challenge: What Hurts the Most?

slapping your face
so hard my skin stings
and yours more
leaving a temporary tattoo
of my fingers on you 
somewhere your cheek
your heart something you feel 
is not my style

so i run to the bus stop
drift off at night
wake up earlier still
penning words that do 
justice equal to the pain
though elusive as dreams

my fingers do the talking
some way they are
the same ones 
that would write the words
to express this palpably

slaps bite a short while
written words singe eternal
you hold your breath
but i won’t be doing either


The word from Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook was POWER. We can use the word in our piece or use it as inspiration. I have been struggling with how to write down my feelings here. The power of the pen can be wicked, and I am so fearful that I will hurt anyone's feelings by writing what I am truly feeling! Lots going on. Lots to write about. I need to figure out how to put it all into words I can live with.


barbara said...

this takes my breath away. I hope you find your voice.

Gina said...

My voice is around, but putting it here is uncomfortable. I'm frustrated and annoyed with some things but feel if I speak my mind, someone might read it and be upset. I guess I need non-judgmental venting time! It used to be here. I need to start slapping "Fiction" on everything!!!

Gina said...

I have about five pieces started, but when I get to the difficult parts I push them aside.

Jack said...

Anonymity helps...a little.