Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Doing Not Thinking: Velvet Verbosity 100-Word Prompt

It’s not the disrobing, or reaction my body exhibits as every single inch of exposed skin is caressed simultaneously while I swim, or even the guilty pleasure and sheer indulgence of being touched in a way like no other. It’s when the water changes back to air. Then it feels forbidden.

Did my sounds waft through cracked windows? A cigarette glowing next pier over? Whispers in the shadows?

Even though I’m alone. Even though it’s an ink-black moonless night. And even though there’s a towel for coverage, I take the stairs back up two at a time.

Not until hot water pierces my skin can I smile like I got away with something again, because self-consciousness ruins moments if you let it.


I don’t believe I’ve ever participated in Velvet Verbosity’s 100-Word prompt before. The word this week is STAIRS.

(I am so very sorry for your lose, and hope that time heals the pain.)


Kir said...

Is this you swimming off the boat? it's so sensual..I love the way you talk about the water touching you the way nothing else does. This was soft like a smile in the dark.

Gina said...

Skinny-dipping off the end of the pier on a dark night with all the outside lights turned off. Have you skinny-dipped? That's how it feels. Very freeing. I love your "soft like a smile in the dark."

(Skinny-dipping alone off a boat is tricky as a boat can get away from you, and it's difficult to catch up with it ;-). Unless, of course, it is an extremely calm night. I do know couples that will boat over, or somewhere, for dinner then, on their way home, stop for a dip in the middle of the lake. AND we always bring blankets for the cold rides home at night.)

Tara R. said...

Ahhh... the guilty pleasure of a midnight swim... not that I've ever done that before.

It was good to see you joined in the Challenge.

Agincourtdb said...

Very nice V.V. debut :-) Welcome!

Gina said...

There is something, obviously, so different about swimming at night. Almost like since no one else is, it is better. Nothing like it when the air is hot and sticky.

I have been looking for somewhere to join with a relaxed and supportive environment. I miss Trifecta.

Gina said...

Thanks, David! It was fun to do something like this again.

TMWHickman said...

How risqué! Makes me want to try skinny dipping one evening.

Jack said...

Many years ago I had one of those "this happens in a movie experiences" where a bunch of us went skinny dipping and I ended up getting out of the water and discovered my clothes and towel were gone.

And then of course I ran right into the girl I was most interested in but didn't have the presence of mind to yell "There was shrinkage!"

Ah the joy of living a George Costanza life.