Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Would Have Much More Time In My Life If...

I didn’t spend what seems like half of it looking for my cell phone. It’s been gone for days. I haven’t panicked but I’ve been pretty curious about its whereabouts. No telling how many messages there will be. Who's been looking for me and thinking, "Boy, is she rude or what?"

I wander around peeking, looking for it in the usual spots. It must be on “silent” because I’ve rung it up and the familiar “Ventura Highway” I downloaded, as my ringtone last weekend, is ellusive.

When looking in earnest proves a failure, I begin to look in the water. Why there? It is definitely a possibility for my phone. However, I’ve outsmarted that greedy wet stuff called “the lake”! I bought a completely waterproof case for it and it really works.

How do I know it works? Does anyone, or did I, really have the courage to test it? Well, I believe what I’m told, usually. So if the guy says it’s waterproof, then it is.

However, I live with two chickens and a born skeptic. The chickens agree, DON’T try it; what if…

My daughter doesn’t believe anything unless she’s tested it, or a theory, herself being my math and science girl. So what does my “Bill Nye, The Science Guy” do? She fills a large, clear glass with water, pushes the video button and proceeds to film herself with my phone submerged through the glass.

It worked!!!! I was thrilled. She was only somewhat convinced and said the only thing that would convince her completely would be to throw it off the end of the pier. She claimed it needed to be tested for underwater pressure, or her mother’s true reality.

Now, that’s a little scary. 

But she did it (why did I let her?), chucking it 25 feet into the water. Then called it, left a message when she heard my voice, put on a mask and dove for it.

Thoroughly tested and approved by the toughest cookie in the household.

If I can only get her to download GPS on it for me, when I do indeed find it, then I will be golden.

I’ve stopped looking. I won’t waste anymore of my day. Please call the house phone. I can’t lose landlines.


Unknown said...

Now if that cell phone only had a clapper attached and it could respond to a clap you'd be in business! Maybe we should work on that, we could make a million!

Cathy said...

I feel the same about my glasses and my keys!

TMWHickman said...

Your phone is probably underneath the seat in your car. Or in the freezer. Both places I have found my phone! I hope that you find it soon.

Gina said...

Let's do it and be millionaires together!!! A clapper would be perfect!

Found. Today. In my bike pouch from Friday morning ride. Couldn't hear it but then again, I never went out to the garage.

Gina said...

Believe it or not, I am pretty good with keys. They are ALWAYS one of three places but mostly one...on the car's seat (usually), in my purse (sometimes) and on the key hook in the mudroom where they should be (occasionally).

Gina said...

The FREEZER! What???

In my bike pouch under the seat. Just wouldn't have thought to look there but it's now on the list for possible places!


Leslie said...

This is so funny. What did we do back in the day when we did not have them??! I am always on my phone.. ridiculous.