Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kicking Off Girls' Week The Right Way!

There are a few words I never mind hearing especially, today, at this very moment.

“We got a late start. We’re just getting on the road now.”

 “Oh Darn! Well hurry up, I’m just sitting here waiting for you!” I always reply.

Of course I’m not just sitting here waiting for my houseguests, who happen to be my close girlfriends. I am running my ass off making sure everything is just perfect when they get here!

They are the easiest people in the world (well three of the four). And even though they want to bring everything and come bearing gifts (and wine), I say “No! I want you to just bring you! We’re going low key this week."

(World's Best Noodle Seat)

Even though it might sound like I’m complaining a teensy bit, I assure you I’m not; I’m not looking for any sympathy or having a “poor me” moment either. It’s just that I like things to be carefree and wonderful from the minute someone walks through my door. I want them to feel like they’re on vacation. I want them to have a blast.

You have certainly heard me b$#ch about houseguest before. It’s my fault that some expect to be treated like guests at a Bed and Breakfast when they’re here. I’ve made it all too easy for them (inlaws?). I do too much and that needs to stop for some of them. Yet, I admit I am an enabler*.

I learned the gift of entertaining from my mother who is world class and I mean it! She has Martha beat hands down. She entertains because she loves it. It makes her very happy.

I love it too and I’ve become a chip off the old block. I can entertain the hell out of a rock (maybe even a rock star). I’ve done so figuratively before and God help me if I do so literally. I’ll do just about anything so that the expectations of my guests, or whoever I’m with, far exceed what they thought.

Yes, I’m crazy this way but I can’t help being an overachieving hostess. It’s hard wired, I’m afraid.

Lest you think I’m a crabby hostess right now; I AM not. I’m very excited for my girls to arrive. All four of them!

They’ve packed their bikes, running shoes and swim goggles for what they believe is going to be the training kick off for the triathlon we’ve all registered for in August. Whose ridiculous idea was that anyway? (We do host the Post-Race kegger and hotdog roast after, however).

I can tell you right now, it’s not going to happen. My lazy bag of bones will not hear of it, not this week with the weather forecast being two days of 90s and Thursday hitting 100 degrees!

What I’ll promise them is we’ll eat really healthy unless we break down and head to The Frog for fried food only rural Indiana knows how to do so well. I’ve been to the “good” market a few towns (20 miles) away and we are stocked full. 

(This morning’s shopping compadras.)

I stopped at Pamida (a lower end version of K-Mart (how can there be one?) but a step up from the other shopping option in town, The Family Dollar). I bought new noodles, a few more rafts, two supersoakers, more shampoo, conditioner and razors (for lake baths) and loaded up on water and adult beverages.

Oh, I forgot to mention…when in Syracuse, you read the gossip rags. So I have the newest “National Enquirer”, “Star Magazine”, “US Weekly”, “In Style” and all the Fitness Mags I could find. Nothing like conversation enhancers to provide some laughs. Plus, it’s all true, right?

Lunch is ready. Towels and sheets are fresh. Flowers clipped and arranged by everyone’s bed.

My plan is to “float” through the week and relax with my girls!!!

* I enable a few other things but that's for another post altogether.


  1. Wow! I wanna come stay at your house! And I love that you put in the hostess work before hand with a goal of relaxing with your guests. I always get so uncomfortable when I go to someone's place to relax and have to watch them work their tail off the whole time I'm there. Guilt isn't very relaxing.

    1. I don't like it when I see someone working so hard either. It's uncomfortable. I get everything done and spiffy ahead of time then let it roll from there.

      These girls are very easy. I survived day one...just barely. Too much fun.

      Guilt of any sort is never relaxing.

  2. Replies
    1. Arnebya,

      Anytime you find yourself anywhere near Chicago or the state of Inidana, you are so very welcome to come visit and play with me!

  3. You sound like Trouble to me. ;)

  4. I always go above and beyond normal hostess duties to make my houseguests feel special, too - and bitch about it the entire time, LOL. Which is probably why I don't have houseguests very often.

    1. So you understand where I'm coming from as well. I only get cranky about it if it's my inlaws. It pleases me very much to entertain my friends and other family. Plus when I have these girls is my music source, one of always brings me the best playlist on CD and she outdid herself this year (her best one yet!).

      I have guests all summer it seems!

  5. I love to have hands all free and everything done completely when people arrive so I get cranky right before. My husband doesn't understand that and doesn't plan for the arrival. Sounds like you're going to have a blast - you're a great hostess just like your Mum!

    1. I'm the same way because I like to enjoy the day or night with my friends/guests. So it's a flurry of activity for me right before and I may or may not get slightly snappish with people particularly if they aren't helping. My guy always feels like the garage needs to be cleaned up (our is detached) or something irrelevant like that until I rather kindly direct him inside where the real work should be happening.

      We are having a blast. I snuck away for a few minutes to chill before the evening festivities begin!

  6. I am such an introvert that I don't know how I would do with house guests these days, but I do know that I would want to be a hostess like you!

  7. You are so inspiring! I have guests coming and am slowly stocking the house (although it has been cleaned)...I think I'm going to need more in the way of food and drink supplies, lol. Hoping you all have a wonderful time--I'm sure you will!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. An overachieving hostess. Wish I were a member of your species :)

  9. Have fun hosting your friends!!

    Stop by my blog for the award I'm giving you.


  10. it does sound like you've got this hosting thing down pat!