Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In A Daydream...Rambling On!

Caution: Ramble Warning!

Tuesday morning,
Never looked so good.
I'm already in,
In a daydream.
(In a Daydream by The Freddie Jones Band)

What a perfect morning to ramble on randomly with total recklessness. I’m not the only one who does this. Just go visit Stacey Uncorked and you’ll see.

Whoa, baaaabyyyyy! 92 Degrees on the way today. I LOVE hot weather and, actually, it can never be too hot for me. I’d rather be too hot than too cold any day of the week! This kind of weather means warm water and swimming to me. Also, it’s time to break out the paddleboard just before sunset, one of my favorite times of the day and a great way to get/keep my head on straight.

Why is it that I spend all day long thinking that I have nothing to write and that I’ll just read my time away instead, then when I hop in bed, all sorts of ideas begin invading my brain, so much so that I struggle to fall asleep because I’m willing myself to remember everything in the morning? I refuse to turn on the light at that point ‘cause it’s late and I’m NOT getting out of my cozy bed. I give up on this sleep thing. I here by declare, “Sleep…You’re Overrated!” anyway!!!

Still catching up from being away for a while and hating the laundry as usual so it’s sort of not getting done, at least, so far. What’s really been weird since we’ve been home is being in my house without my darling, brown creatures accompanying my every move (the bathroom gets crowded when two 75 lb. Labs join you). No kids. No dogs. Too quiet for me. Changing this immediately.

So I might have called my husband mean last night because he said, “For Heaven sakes, no more dogs.” I can do a pretty mean (in a good and loving way) puppy dog/bat the lashes eye thing and it's usually pretty effective, at the very least, able to get a “Maybe”. My end goal is for a rescue Lab in the near future. It’s going to take a lot of sugar sprinkled around to get this to happen BUT I’m good with sugar tactics.

I have this theory about parties, weddings and things like that. You have to make your own fun, be responsible for you, because sometimes things just aren’t. Like the wedding I went to this weekend. On paper, it should have been the best wedding ever...set in a grove, on a beautiful day, on a vineyard ranch in California. My friends and I took matters in our own hands with some decent results…

 (Sure, stick me on a horse for your own amusement)

(Susie and I always think we should kiss things/people, even ponies)

 (Why is there a Gucci mini car in the lobby of the hotel at Midnight?)

(Where’s Security? And why don't people tell me to mind my behavior or go to bed?)

If you made it through this entire “Ramble Session”, congratulations and thank you for indulging me. Sometimes this is all we can do or all our minds will allow.


  1. Love the Tuesday random thoughts!

    Glad you had fun with your friends at the wedding and I love whatever that tiny car is!

    1. I ALWAYS have fun with these friends. We spice things up for each other quite nicely. I'd never heard of Gucci making a car but that's what it was and it was really, really, cute. Couldn't believe the car doors were open AND the sunroof AT MIDNIGHT, no less!

  2. weddings can be great fun! new follower :)

    1. I love weddings. It was a blast! Thanks for following me and welcome to my world of nonsense. I love comments so please do!

  3. You always look like you are having such a great time with your friends! You must all love each other very much.

    1. We do and Susie is my sister from another mister. If we're out, we're generally glued to each other. They make my life fun and, hopefully, I do the same for them!

  4. You can be my date to a wedding (or similar party) anytime - I don't think my hubby would mind. You look like you'd be so much fun - and if I had been there, I'd definitely would've been up on that horse with you. Or at least waited my turn for the photo op. ;) And the car in the lobby with no security? You crack me up!

    The only thing we wouldn't agree on is hot weather vs. cold weather - of course if I lived near a body of water that I could indulge in on the hot days, my view of heat might be different. But hot/humid where I live is very annoying. When it's cold, at least you can layer - but when it's hot, you can only take so many clothes off. Which for me, would be pretty darn scary. ;)

    Summer Heat, Christmas in June, Misspelled Fun, and 20 Mules

    1. Stacy! I had so much fun with your Random Tuesday post! I hope to be a regular because I am random.

      Name the time and place and I'm yours. As far as that horse is concerned, there are several other photos out there that won't be included here for many reasons especially the mounting of this horse. Probably not my most elegant moment but I was a gymnast as a teen so I figured out a way to hop on. I would have loved someone up there with me.

      Don't people guard expensive things anymore? I was shocked the doors weren't locked and the sun roof was a total bonus. The problem with my friends is not one of them has the good sense to call it an evening and you will never hear it from me especially if there is more nonsense to be had.

      I still love the heat but I have a body of water near by for the purpose of cooling off. See, I sometimes feel I can't get warm enough!

      Thanks for following me. I hope I won't disappoint!