Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bottling a Feeling

It’s Sunday, which means Stream of Consciousness over at All Things Fadra.

I’ve inserted toothpicks in my eyes to keep my lids open for five minutes while I type this. It’s late at night but it’s not. It just feels like it from an extra long weekend and a long travel day. Pajamas have never felt so good, well almost.

Also, there may or may not be pictures forthcoming in the form of a blog post titled something like “Mischievous Wedding Guests aka Double Trouble”. I’ll have to do some editing first if what I have on my camera is any indication of what is on my friends' cameras.

Five Minutes, unedited, GO!


Weddings take you back, don’t they? They do me. Way back.

If there is one thing I wish I could bottle it would be the feeling on the day you marry the person of your dreams. And how it feels right after you are pronounced man and wife and tenderly kiss (but I've seen people totally get after it too). How you feel the entire evening surrounded by friends and family celebrating the two of you. And rejoicing in your love.

Your journey is just beginning and that day you start to “make” your life together and if you are so blessed, your groom one day becomes not only your husband but also a father. And you know deep in your heart that he’ll be a great father.

I’m an observer and there is almost nothing I love better than to watch a wedding although it’s been a long time since we’ve attended one! Kleenex is a must for me.

I love seeing the bride for the first time but, honestly, my eyes are hardly focused on her. My eyes always move to the groom. I watch as he anticipates seeing her and I can tell he's slightly nervous, then he sees her for the first time and grins. He watches her take every single step as she slowly walks upthe aisle. When they hold hands the first time and almost shyly smile at each other, I find this moment beautiful.

I’m the hand grabber of the couple, so I grabbed my husband's hand and heldon tightly during their vows yesterday.

At dinner, I whispered a question, “Honey. What do you remember from our day?”

The rest of the evening I watch a couple very much in love that has their whole life ahead of them and think about the excitement of that feeling. 

I watch their first dance as they hold each other closely. Probably my favorite part of all.

And I think, how can I bottle this?


  1. I love watching the groom's reaction to seeing the bride walking down the aisle!!!

  2. My most favorite part. The first dance is second!

  3. If you figure out how to bottle that, let me know! It would be a great anniversary gift for my grandparents.

    1. Wouldn't that make a wonderful gift for them? I wish!