Saturday, March 24, 2012

Which Spring Break Would You Pick? My Last Few Hotel Stays

The weather is crummy, drizzly and gray. I could be napping or reading but decided nothing would put a spring in my step faster than writing about my last month on Spring Break. I won’t bore you with the whole month, just the last two weeks. It will be quick, simple and I’ll do it in pictures.

As an aside…
A guy friend came up to me at the gym this morning and informed me that we belong to the “Lucky Bastard’s Club” (LBC). “What the heck is that?” He went on to explain that we are fortunate to be living the dream and can do whatever we want since we don’t have kids at home. I’m sure he was talking about all his golf games so I agreed. It quickly came to mind that maybe I should start a “Lucky Bitches Club” and anyone could join…How about that?

As a member of the LBC, I recently had the amazing fortune to take two Spring Breaks (SB) to two wonderful islands and stay at one fab resort and one nice one.

The first SB was of the adult variety. We were two couples hanging out on the beach, relaxing, sipping Killer Bee’s at Sunshine’s and taking some adventures. Nothing could be better, IMO! We were carefree and mellow, a little too much so once, twice…okay maybe a few more times than that but we blame the Killer Bees. Our nine-day vacation looked like this.

Peaceful looking, right?

Sunshine’s on Pinney Beach, Home of the World Famous Killer Bees. Our favorite Rasta spot and the best sunset viewing…or maybe it was just a crazy fun place.

One night we helped with the beach bonfire at Sunshine’s. Probably wasn’t a great idea to let us near it but whatever, Mon!

Lazy afternoons were spent sipping rum punches or Caribes,

And every night included a gorgeous sunset.

Fast forward nine days and more than a few islands away, we met up with our freshman in college for his SB. Actually, he/we nixed his original SB plans, which included 10 pledge brothers in one room in Panama City, FL. It was never going to happen and he wised up fast when I dangled diving everyday in front of his nose.

After a diverted flight where he was fortunate to spend the day on a Dominican Republic tarmac and night in a roach infested hotel, by himself let mama add, he arrived to our spot in one solid piece and just one day late.

My vacation with him, aside from diving together everyday and sharing lovely dinners (he even asked me to dance once while a band was playing), looked more like this…

Due to his delay, he and his daddy only had one night together. Mom bowed out of boys’ night after the Cuban cigars were purchased. 

This is a picture from his dad’s camera! Why is a 30 year old woman dancing with MY 18 year old son on a bar? (Picture blurred for privacy but really because it’s a bad picture) Why is my son ON a bar? Dad??? They rolled in at 1:45am and were not quiet. I reminded my son that I would be tapping his shoulder in 5 hours for our two-tank dive.

He and I had spent only two days alone at this point (sorry you had to work, Dad) and he exclaimed, “There is no one at this place my age.” Hmmmm…Really? Maybe he was missing his other playmate or this one's not as fun because I don't smoke cigars. However, our room overlooked the pool and beach and I could see several kids just from the lanai. Being an extremely outgoing guy, he tells me he’s going to go down there and check things out. A few minutes later I walk down as well and he introduces me to three freshman girls from the University of Texas. Well, now. No one your age? Be quiet, mom!
That’s him on the dive boat the next morning. In the wee hours of the night, he ran up to our room, excited, and explained that he’d been trying to smooch (my word) one of these girls on the beach and that’s why he was late. TMI!!!

College SB finally caught up with my guy. I’m still recovering.

Even though I love spending time with my son, I’ll choose to stay at the other place, on the other island…the quiet one!
1.) Describe an outfit you LOVED wearing.
2.) Share your idea of the perfect Spring Break family vacation.
3.) A lie you told.
4.) Pinterest Challenge, find something you’ve pinned, TRY it and share it. Was it worth pinning?
5.) What was the occasion? Write about the last time you stayed in a hotel.


  1. Oh to be young again!!! :) I think I'd prefer the first trip, though I'm sure you loved the mama/son bonding time.

    1. You are right. I wouln't trade it for the world. The only hitch is my sleep cycle is far different than his.