Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fluff With Seeking Elevation

 I don’t think I’ve done one of these Friday Fluff surveys from Seeking Elevation but thought since I’m still unpacking and my mind is a bit unfocused, this would be the perfect thing for me to do today. Besides, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the type of survey it is…UNDERWEAR. I got this and will try not to provide TMI!
This survey comes from Here.

What’s your favorite underwear you own?
My favorite underwear is a pair of white and black lace Hanky Pankys. They are comfortable and I like the way they look.

What’s the worst pair of underwear you own?
All of my Granny panties but I would never want to live my life without them. They have their moments like lounging and bedtime. Not sexy, I know. Different purpose all together!

What’s the most embarrassing underwear you own?
All those in my drawer that The Board of Health may require me to dispose of…I’m good at tossing so I really don’t have any that aren’t suitable to wear.

What’s your favorite color of underwear?
Hands down black. No question about it and especially if I remember to pair them with a black piece of underwear on top. Love the look!

What color of underwear will you not wear?
Pink. You will NEVER see me in a pair of pink underwear. I should qualify; you will never see me in any of the aforementioned underwear. I am too modest.

What’s your favorite underwear on a member of the opposite sex?
Easy Schmeasy! Boxers followed closely by boxer briefs especially if worn by Mark Walberg, David Beckham or someone who looks along those lines.

Have you ever lost your underwear while out somewhere?
I wouldn’t say lost…I might say left with no chance of asking for them back. Also, skinny-dipped at night on a lake with girlfriends and my dress and underwear were blown into the water. Current swept them away and they were never seen again.

Have you ever found someone’s underwear while out somewhere?
So, for my BBF’s bachelorette party, I put together a scavenger hunt. One item on the list was a pair of men’s underwear. Mind you, we were at the bars in Lake Geneva, WI so we had to talk men into providing theirs. Might seem gross but it was a riot and INCREDIBLY easy. Our team got 17 pairs and we threw them up into the branches of a tree outside our hotel on the way home. It looked hysterical the next morning.

How often do you buy new underwear?
Whenever I feel as if I’m running low. Maybe I should do my laundry more often but I hate laundry.

Do you buy underwear for anyone but yourself?
I buy underwear for my kids if they need them especially for my non-shopping son.

Where do you like to buy your underwear?
Nordstrom for Hanky Pankys, and Gap or Target for anything else.

Do you have a favorite brand of underwear?
Hanky Panky! Anything comfortable will do but Gap Body, too, because they are very comfy.

Is there anywhere you refuse to buy underwear?
Victoria Secret. I Do Not like that place.

Do you own any novelty underwear?
Is this where we talk about our crotchless ones?

Have you ever worn someone elses’s underwear?
Of course. I’ve worn friends’ in a pinch. I’ve worn men’s boxers, again in a pinch. No problem with it at all.

Has anyone else ever worn your underwear?
Just a girlfriend or two have worn my underwear. Now for the missing pairs, I’m not sure who has worn those but to my knowledge no one else.

What type of underwear do you wear most?
As I started out by saying, I wear Hanky Pankys. They are the most comfortable thongs in the world. Try them and you will agree. They are not the string kind and modest as far as thongs go.

Is there any kind of underwear you refuse to wear?
I refuse to wear dirty underwear. I don’t know….


  1. Wait ... what did you wear home after the skinny dipping accident? I'm going to have to look up Hanky Pankys, not because I will be choosing thongs in the future, but because I want to see how a thong can be modest by any definition! :)

    1. I had a towel on the pier so I wrapped myself up. It was totally pitch black out that night except the stars. No one saw a thing.

      Google Hanky Pankys. The concept is the same but they are more modest. Thongs do take some getting used to but now it's no big deal. Believe me, they are modest-ish.