Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Bad is Good: Fifty Shades of Grey Review

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is the first book in the "Fifty Shades" trilogy. Please Google the title before you run out and purchase this book so you definitely know for what you’re paying (as a suggestion, you may want to buy it on your Kindle). That way, no one says, “You didn’t warn me!”

This Is Pure Erotica and Very Explicit!!! Consider yourself warned.

If you have an issue with very descriptive sexual situations, you may find yourself squirming in your seat. Then again, you will be squirming if you like this kind of stuff as well.

Before anything gets out of hand, please don’t come to any conclusions about me. Consider it taking one for the team so I could come back and tell you all about it. Besides, you aren’t going to get away with discussing sex without me!

So how did I come across this book? The New York Times did a huge article about it at the beginning of March while on vacation. What book could be receiving so much hype via the press and by jaw dropping word of mouth? 

My inquiring mind absolutely needed to know. I fumbled my iPad trying to download it so fast that I spilled my morning coffee and hardly paid attention to a server asking for my order while out for breakfast.  I was actually a little nervous for some strange reason. After I turned the first few pages, I was yanked from my beach chair and sucked into this deliciously demented other-world. "Beam me up, Scotty", please!

Instead of telling you the entire storyline, I’ll pass along how it made me feel because you won’t want me to give it up.  The element of surprise helps this story along. 

So here is a, oh so, very brief synopsis of the first book:

Anastasia Steele is an awkward recent college grad studying literature who falls for a young, wealthy business tycoon named Christian Grey. She very quickly discovers that he has certain extreme interests with regard to his sexual preferences.  I’ll give you a hint…think neckties (at a minimum). Yes, the buzzword here is bondage.

“Kinky fuckery”, the book’s words not mine, is not for everyone. However, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to read about hot sex even if it’s a bit twisted and unconventional. 

I cannot/will not say this is the best writing I have ever read because it isn’t, far from it. I don’t think that was the author’s intention either but to stimulate an entirely different creative area and it’s not the intellectual side. However, I grew very fond of Anastasia and Christian rather quickly and came to an understanding of their behavior; the motivation for their actions. I would be fibbing if I said I wasn’t utterly and completely drawn into their world (not sure what this says about me). I was cheering for their relationship to somehow succeed.

This book made me smirk, then laugh; drop my jaw to the floor and blush. I even blanched a time or two. It caused my heart to clench at the display of raw emotions by the main characters. My eyes welled with tears so many times and my heart broke a time or two. I had to tell myself to pull it together more than once.

What can be better than a book that takes you someplace where you’ve never been, haven’t been in a while or may want to go? I truly felt this story; that it could actually happen.

The book was picked up by a major movie studio a week or so ago so hurray for that!!! Another kinky movie had a similar buzz…“Nine ½ Weeks”. This book, if ever it were made into movie, would be WAY, WAY, WAAAY hotter and kinkier than that movie by a million miles. Without a doubt, it could easily get an NC-17 rating. I'll pre-order my ticket and attend the midnight screening.

If you are inclined to read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and don’t care for it, please don’t pass judgment. I do get the kinky stuff as it pertains to the storyline.

I am halfway through book #3 and I hear Christian calling my name but does he have a necktie in his hand? Hmmmmmm………..


  1. Never heard of the books other than from you mentioning it on you blog but I might give them a whirl. I'm really thinking of getting a kindle with my b'day money but i'm conflicted as to weather I'll really enjoy it. Any advise??

    1. I've only recently heard about them and I'm usually on top of all things books. Being busy, it must have slipped by without my noticing but people are writing and talking about them everywhere. Just had to know.

      I mentioned reading on a Kindle since people would know what you were reading otherwise. I suppose we shouldn't care. I believe it's not available in hard print at the moment so you'll have to check.

      I have very mixed feeling about Kindles. They are great for travel, easy to download a new book, and take up no room at all. The downside is you can't pass a book along to a friend, which my friends and I do constantly. I, also, LOVE the feel of a hard covered book in my hands and the whole process of page turning. I, actually, need to get reading because I have a hundred books in my room and they're taking up space and cluttery. Someone in my house doesn't appreciate them the way I do.

      You would like it for your car trips, for sure.

  2. I'm in the middle of the first book right now. It's not nearly as bad as reported in the newspapers, but I am not sure what that says about me!

    1. Then we are in the same row boat since I felt it was pretty saucy but perfectly fine and rather enjoyed it all. It's more over the top then what most people read but how refreshing. (Just Kidding)

      By the third book, I'm kind of immune to it...not really, but used to it. The three books have begun to run together so I can't remember where the first one ends and the second begins.

      So far, I like the first the best.

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