Thursday, March 29, 2012

If You Don't Play; You Can't Win!

I’m an early riser and coffee is important to me; Actually to the people I encounter in the morning too, because I’m a slightly different person when I’ve had some than when I haven’t. Only my close friends would know the difference…I think.

If I am not pressed for time, I go to the coffee shop around the corner by the train station. It’s where the older people and commuters grab their "Joe". Often, I get caught up chatting if I stop there. When running late, I'm still stopping for that coffee but at the 7 Eleven (the coffee is actually good and only $2) located in the opposite direction by the gym.

Today was a running late morning and, therefore, meant the convenience store.

I could hardly find a spot to park. Walking directly to the coffee station, I turned around to see an extremely long line at both cash register. What the heck is going on?

Now I AM going to be late and I can’t pour and dash, can I? Actually, I probably could because they know me but I don’t. One of the cashiers sees me and says, “Just the coffee?” Well, yea. I hand him my two dollars from a position of about three deep and leave.

As I’m getting into my car, a guy is coming out. I just have to ask, “What is going on in there?” He looks at me as if I’m completely nuts and says, “Well don’t cha know, the lotto is a half a billion dollars today.” No, that’s not something I’d know unless I opened up the paper this morning which I didn't because I was late.

It Lotto MANIA!!!!!
Just looked up the Jackpot and it really is $540,000,000

I repeat my coffee story to my friends at the gym and they actually did know. My friends are smart and well informed!

We hatched a plan while we boxed and this is what we came up with.

“TEAM GEL-LOTTO” themed for our trip last Fall

We each put in some cash and kissed our bills for luck. Kind of gross but why not put a little something extra on them?
 That's Susie kissing hers. She'd actually kill me if she knew I used this picture!

Jen, who’s totally on top of this, looked up how to increase our odds (quick picks and purchasing at several locations) and she’s driving all over to make the purchase.

Now if we win, I only have two big things that I would buy immediately and probably save the rest. Who knows? 

I guess we WILL know about 6:30 tomorrow night. Wish us luck!!!


  1. There would only be two immediate things I'd do: pay off the mortgage and my student loans. The rest is up for negotiation and savings.

    1. I was dreaming big, after the obligations are met.

      It sure is nice having those student loans paid off!

  2. That's a lot of dough! Hope you end up rolling in it!

    1. Hahaha! I would be willing to roll in just part of it!