Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scuba Stream of Consciousness

I will probably say this everyday I write on this iPad.I HATE THAT YOU CAN'T FORMAT YOUR STUFF EASILY. If anyone reads this...sorry for all the mistakes. TODAY we dove. As far as dive sights go, these were rather weak but we knew that going into it. Nevis can't be perfect at everything but they NAIL the important stuff. And I don't know what it is about the people here, particularly the men, but they have killer smiles. BIG, BRIGHT straight toothed smiles. They are smiling that charming smile non-stop. They certainly have a way with the ladies and not that it matters all that much to me but it hasn't gone unnoticed. Who doesn't like to be treated like they are special by a gorgeous guy with beautiful skin and a never ending smile. Did I mention they are very fit too? Ok...yes, they are "hot" if anyone wanted to know that piece of 411! Oops!!! I was talking about the diving and I got side tracked. The highlight was swimming with a sea turtle,about ten feet behind and it paid no attention to the six of us quietly swimming with it. Truly mesmerizing to the point of swimming off course and losing the group. The beautiful turtle spying was followed by the sighting of a giant ray gliding across the sand. This beautiful and majestic creature wanted zero to do with us and high tailed it out of dodge. That turtle was so much more chill. I think it's definitely on island time, the ray, not so much! Another afternoon is sneaking up. Why do vacations go so fast? The weathers beautiful and it is time for our four o'clock walk I told you about yesterday! I could be an island girl without a doubt. If only I could get some legit dreads going, I would be totally set.


  1. The lack of formatting is kind of fun and it is in that spirit that I write this endless sentence in which I say that I love diving but haven't been in years and don't care about hot men with good smiles. ;)

    1. Not everyone likes hot men with great smiles and gorgeous skin and that's probably good thing. Me...I'm kind of a sucker for the teeth and skin.