Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey...It's Time To Find Out What The Buzz Is About!

I devour reading material at such a rapid rate that I have stacks and stacks of books right next to my bed. Finish one then lean over and grab the next. Thank God for my iPad (REMEMBER I HATE WRITING ON IT) and instant access to books when on vacation because I just finished one when i woke up this morning and needed another, of course, immediately. So believing, as I do, that things happen for a reason, I found my next book in this morning's NY Times. The book is called "Fifty Shades of Grey" and it is all the buzz at the moment hitting #1 on the NY Times best sellers list and #3 on Amazon. The reason for the buzz amongst women is that it is supposed to be total erotica. Interest totally piqued when I read that so it was a one-click purchase on my Kindle. Poof! Just checked and it's there so I'm headed down the beach to begin. Will I need to where my sunglasses? Will I find it at all embarrassing? Will my face turn read at times? God, I hope so. Quite possibly I will be back to update everyone on the true skinny about this book and will do a review for sure. Did I mention it's a trilogy? Yippee! If its too racy, I may just ask you to check it out yourself. I absolutely can't wait. My Saturday SOC!


  1. I can't wait to hear all the detail....well maybe not all *wink wink* And btw I am so jealous that you have a kindle. I got them for my grandchildren for christmas but don't have my own.
    All I hear from my daughter is they're reading like crazy. But i'm still paying doctors bill's from last years mrsa infection and it's such a total luxury so i'm not buying yet until the bills are paid :(

    1. If it's too inappropriate, I will email you my feedback. I hope it is!

      What a great gift. Love mine but it's an old one. We gave my daughter one for Christmas and she loved it. Its so fantastic that you have encouraged your grandkids' reading.

      MRSA! What a huge, huge thing. You are very lucky. That's not something to take lightly. Soon, you will get that Kindle but, in the meantime, I will keep you in the know about all this sexiness,or at least that's what the NY Times said!