Monday, March 19, 2012

I Hate Grumpy Days!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a grumpy day. I actually can’t remember the last one. Not sure why it turned out to be today. Well, maybe I do.

I don’t do well with lack of sleep and I’ve been sleeping like crap since I got home late last week. I love my home; I love my bed but I hadn’t been in either for a very long time. The problem I’m having with both is that neither are on a beach or by the ocean. Post Vacation Stress Disorder?

Two weeks ago, I was here.
One week ago, I was here.

There’s got to be more to this funk.

I got stuck at home this morning, all morning, waiting for a service person to show up. You know those timeframes they give you? We'll be there between 8:00am and 12:00pm, Ma'am? I hate that! I usually make up something like “I’ll be at work. Will you call me? I can be home in 10 minutes.” (I actually do work less than 10 minutes away but I don’t usually use this approach on days I’m ACTUALLY working). Of course, the guy shows up on the back end of the timeframe. Rude! This forced bondage to my house causes me to stare at the things I have, should or don’t want to do (laundry, cleaning, and stuff everyone hates).

It was also raining this morning. Haven’t seen a drop in over a month and I had planned on my first outdoor ride, with a dear friend, since the fall. Had to cancel; really got me p-o'd. That’s another thing that gets me grumpy…missing a workout. I’m a morning or bust workout person. If it doesn’t happen before 11:00am, it’s not happening at all and then I just feel lazy and chubby. I know it...crazy me.

So how does Gina cure this crapola mood? Watching the sun peak out, I throw Addison into the car.
We roll down the windows, turn up the radio (Rascal Flatts playing on 99.5 US Country) and take to the road. Nothing like singing to my dog, rather loudly, to straighten out this attitude.

So she and I did the banking and we both got treats (biscuit and lollipop). We hit the market for something to make for dinner, and ran to the fruit store where we saw an old couple arguing in their native tongue, and two moms exasperated by their bickering kids…put a smile on my face and I don’t know why! 

I ran into The English Garden and bought myself some flowers, 
then Jennycakes for a carrot cupcake.

As soon as I got home, I downloaded some happy pictures from my trip and POOF!!!

Grumpy mood cured!


  1. your dog looks like a good listener:)
    i wish i could turn my crapola moods around. maybe i need a cupcake like that:)

    1. Hey Ed,
      Addy is a good listener and thinks if the car is in motion, she gets to go.

      I would messenger one to you if I could. Try the approach ride, singing loudly, minus the flowers, and a cupcake. Just might work.