Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Never Fail Special Flower Day!

Every year on October 3rd, I forget.

I wonder how it always slips my mind,

Thirty plus years down the line.

On this day,

The doorbell ALWAYS rings.

It never hasn’t!

And I jump up.


Running to the door, I enthusiastically throw it open knowing exactly what will be there.

And I always say the same thing to the person delivering them, “I know exactly who these are from!”

And I’m always so excited.

I’m not a flower person.

I don’t get them often and I’m thankful for that. My favorite time to get flowers from anyone, especially my loved ones, is when I have no idea they’re coming like last Valentine's Day.

That being said, these flowers I LOVE and EXPECT every year because they are a constant in my life and have been since my sixteenth birthday.

I have received a dozen roses (typically red but this year, surprisingly and wonderfully and excitedly and awesomely, they are a fun mix of colors!!!).

From my DAD!

I love him to bits and pieces!!!

He’s always present…


  1. That is really touching!!

    Happy birthday!!

  2. So sweet!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

    1. He is so sweet and special. Had the BEST, most simple day, filled with a mom, dad, close fiends, phone calls, texts and a quiet favorite dinner out with the hubs! Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday! Beautiful flowers from an awesome dad!

    1. Thanks, Tina! When I called to thank him (for the 34th installment), I mentioned how I loved all the colors. He said he wanted to change them up (from red) to lift my spirits and brighten my days because of my summer (he always cries talking about it). Such a sweetheart!

  4. Happy Birthday. That is very cool. I should do something like that for my daughter.

    1. Thanks, Jack! I have loved it and it's made me feel very special. It all started with 16 roses on my 16th, I got 21 when I turned 21 then a dozen from that point on. Always long stem red until this year. My summer was very hard on him.

    2. I remember when I told my grandfather that my wife was pregnant and I was going to become a father. He congratulated me and then said "you never stop worrying about your kids."

      I sort of understood it, but I really saw it action several years later. My father had a major heart attack and ended up on life support.

      My grandfather called me and told me to make arrangements to fly him back east to "get his son."

      He was 90 years old and my dad was almost 61. I hadn't ever doubted that parents never stop caring, but that moment cemented it for me.

      I am sure your folks were just as nervous as you would be if god forbid something happened to your kids.

      But the good news is that you are fine and now you're good for flowers for another 30 years.

    3. As a parent now, I totally get it! I would do anything and I would be just as your grandfather was. And I haven't stopped worrying for one minute (I take a few seconds off from it but not many). I'm even worrying about Matt's midterms today and Saturday.

      My dad has gotten much more sensitive since his stroke and more expressive of his feeling. He cries every time he sees me now and just wants to kiss, hug and sit next to me.

      And I have the flowers to look forward to for the next, I hope lots more than, ten years.

  5. Happy belated birthday, Gina. I'm laughing because I'd been meaning to ask you when yours is ever since I started reading here and you have it in your about section. So yup, there is definitely a reason we've clicked. I had to smile finding out ours is the same day.

    1. Thanks, girlfriend...fellow sharer of October 3rd awesomeness!!! I really couldn't believe it when I read your post yesterday. Hope you had a great day! Mine was stellar and simple. Just how I love to spend the day!

  6. Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed this post, I got a little busy this week. I teared up reading this. Your dad sounds special. Even if he didn't let you go to Europe when you were in college!

    1. Thanks, lumdog! He is even if I didn't get to do some things, I got to do most!