Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Someday I'll Do's

5.)    Someday I am going to _______. (Inspired by Marcy Writes)

Man, there are a hundred things I “think” I’m going to do someday. Hundreds!!!

The list has resided solely in my head, pretty much, until last weekend when it came up in conversation with my best friend. Of course, she’s heard or knows most of these things yet a few were new to even her and a few she just said “Why?!?” Because I have to, which may not be a very good reason at all?

Something’s have been on “the list” for a very long time (most) and a few things are new-ish. But I’m constantly thinking about it.  Some of these things are wishes blurred with someday things but they’re kind of the same, aren’t they? And I’ll just add as an aside, I’m not getting any younger so I should probably hustle on a few (no comments from the peanut gallery, please and you know who you are!)

So….Someday I’m going to _____________________.

1.     Become fluent in another language other than American and British English. My best chance is Spanish for which I have an entire Rosetta Stone program, unopened from almost 5 Christmases past. It was an expensive program and my family is still upset with me that I haven’t taken off the cellophane yet. I currently speak outstanding Spanglish for which I’m fairly proud, a teensy bit of French and a wee bit of Italian.

2.     Rent an apartment in Rome and live for a year.

3.     Get a rescue Lab to fill this house back up with some puppy action. Addison is too lonely without her sister!

4.     Rent a 58’ boat and sail throughout the Caribbean Sea for an entire winter.

5.     Become a yoga teacher and perfect that calm, soothing voice all great yoga teachers have helping their student to meditate peacefully and effectively.

6.     Take creative (fiction) writing classes at the local college.

7.     Live in the city again. I mean Chicago.

8.     Send in our application for the Amazing Race (mine and Susie’s) soon because it is due November 1st.  The video submission is being edited right now. Our premise is that people often think we’re sisters and sometimes twins. We are quite funny together and, as a twosome, can charm just about anyone. She’s committed to doing all the gross eating challenges and I will hang out of all the helicopters. We don’t fight and we’re not catty but we make a joke out of just about everything but mostly ourselves. Wish us luck!

9.     Complete the 500 mile La Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Spain (The French Way (or route)). Actually, I’m leaving on June 3rd, 2013. It will take 30 days.

10.                       Publish something some place other than on my blog. Taking that several steps further, I aspire to be a travel writer providing the 411 on exciting destinations, off the beaten path things to do, yummy food to eat and great places to stay.  And then get picked up by The Travel Channel and have a show that would be a combination Samantha Brown meets Anthony Bourdain (she’s too goody goody and he’s a bit brash) type vibe.

I don’t think any of these “some days” are too much to ask, do you? A girl’s got to dream!
Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. I don't think any of these are far out there. Sure, I have no desire to be on a boat for a year (or any other amount of time past an hour or two, honestly), but #s 1 and 8 are my favorites (b/c I have the same aspirations (though I know I'll likely never act on #8)) and #10 GO FOR IT. Submit some stuff just to get used to it and you never know. You just never know.

    1. I would obviously love to live on a boat as I said or out of the country somewhere. I may post the audition video on my blog if it turns out well. We shall see but we'd definitely be great on "the race"! Sue is very competitive and I'm slightly more rational but definitely the big picture thinker. She's all about the details. We are both outstanding with directions, maps, navigating. They should take us on the spot.

      Besides my family being a bit pissed at me for not speaking fluent Spanish yet, I'm upset with myself! It will be muy importante!

    2. Remember that guy a few years back that won living on an island for free and all he had to do was blog about all the stuff he did. Sorry I don't remember the details. I can't remember if he was there 6 weeks of 6 months. He was by himself but I sure envied his experience. It was a beautiful place.

    3. I do remember too but I can't think of for how long he stayed. could totally do that! I wonder if I could bring anyone along...hmmmmm! Islands are probably my favorite spot for R & R.

  2. I SO want to be on Amazing Race with my husband. We would do great because he is the map master and I'm the people person. Oh, and Chicago is on my bucket list. I'm trying to get there this year for my birthday (December).

  3. We are both people persons and great travelers/companions. And the prize is now $2M which I told sue we'd have to donate half.

    Chicago at Christmas is so beautiful and fun! Do it! But let me know ahead if you want some dinner recommendations or for things to do. You'll have a blast, I promise!

  4. None of them are "out there"! I *love* that you are applying for Amazing Race. My 6 year old and I watch it and pretend we're a team and discuss what roadblock we would do, who would do the single challenges etc. But alas, we can never apply. (Damn Canadian-ness!)
    Chicago is on my list of places I must visit ASAP!

    1. I didn't think they were out there either except maybe me opening up the Rosetta Stone program. Our strategy is to kill them all with kindness, give no one road blocks and be like really sweet moms. BUT we are competitive so we will be sneaky...

      Come to Chicago! It's a blast and as I said up above, feel free to email me for any suggestions (eats, drinks, places to stay, things to do).

  5. Those are fabulous somedays. I may have to borrow some.

  6. I love you list and think you would be great at number 10. #2 and #6, I would love to do myself.

    1. Okay. Let's rent one. We will do awesome blogging from there and someone will publish it. The hubbys could come for extended stays, of course the kids too!