Thursday, October 11, 2012

No! You Tell Dad!

Don’t be thinking toddlers are the only children/people who throw tantrums. I think it’s a personality type, personally speaking.

So I’m biting on Mama Kat’s prompt below and I’m hoping to properly convey a conversation I had with a high maintenance child because I have one (a boy, a college sophomore (who’s getting easier and more grownup by the way, thank God), who copes with lifelong dyslexia and other attention type issues)). Thank goodness my girl is wholly independent and very, very low maintenance (just like her mommy?). Don't get me wrong...I love them both equally just differently!

2.) What was the last thing your child threw a temper tantrum over? Write a blog post from his/her point of view.

Well, Matt and I had more of a whiny conversation last week, as opposed to a full blown tantrum which he used to be famous for, which went something like this…

“Mom. So the good news is that my mid-terms are going pretty well.”

“Matt, that’s awesome. But when you say good news, that means there’s bad news, too.”

“I hate my ‘Study of Eastern Chinese Religions’ class.”


“I don’t understand one thing about it. When they say one thing, it means another. When I read the book and think I understand, I don’t. The teacher mixes me up and confuses me.”

“That’s called metaphor, honey.”

“MOM! I don’t care what it’s called. My brain doesn’t work that way. You know that.”

“Did I mention before I didn’t think that this class was up your alley?”

“Yes but…”

“Okay, so instead of complaining about it, what are you going to do?”

“I want to drop it but Dad won’t like that.”

“I think Dad would rather you get a good grade in a class related to your Infomatics major than a bad grade in Study of Chinese Religion.”

“It’s Eastern Chinese not just Chinese.”

“Okaaaay! Drop it. Pick up a new class. Figure it out. Whatever you have to do.”

“Are you going to tell Dad?”

“No. Call him and give him the whole “good news, I’ve got great grades on mid-term in all my other classes” speech than casually mention the dropped class. It should go over.”

“Will you tell him for me?”

“Hell no!”

“So he’s going to be mad at me saying I don’t take school seriously.  He’ll say he took Astronomy and that wasn’t what he thought it’d be but he studied. Besides, he won’t get mad at you!”

“Listen, pal. I got a big door ding on my new car so I have my own fish to fry with Dad. You’ve got to cover your own butt while I figure out how to cover mine.”

“Did you park too close to someone again? Dad says you always do.”

“Be quiet, Matt. Don’t you dare mention it to Dad!”

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Argh. It all sounds too familiar. Except my oldest son and I are alike. I get frustrated when he makes mistakes -- because it's usually the kind I used to make. He usually calls his father because he thinks he's the more sympathetic ear. How did Dad take the news? About the class? And the car?

    1. They ALWAYS come to me with their problems, which stresses me out a bit, because while I might not be happy, I will walk them through figuring it out. Their dad's initially reaction is always to get upset and lecture. Growing up, I was always in a pickle and had to work it out myself when I would have loved a listening ear and some, dare I say, advice. I understand while letting them accept the consequences. Never want them to feel they're alone.

    2. Oops! Forgot. Dad handled one well and one not too well. Good thing I'm heading out if town for a while to help with the cooling down process!

  2. Hilarious. My kids always try to go through the other parent, depending on how they think the other will react. My oldest is my twin so I get her but she still doesn't get me, so it's, um, fun at times when she has things she needs to tell me. Did he drop the class (also, why doesn't it sound interesting to begin with sheesh).

    1. I would have loved to study Eastern Chinese religions, but too tough of a concept for Matt's mind. Mixed him up. I can't recall what he just added. Maybe I don't even know.

      I love that you've got one like you that hasn't figured out mom yet. My daughter has me pegged but, then again, she's almost 22!

  3. Hey. Sounds like the two of you need to take dad out for a steak.

    1. Well, I told him last night and now I'm headed to the airport. As I told Matt, it's all in the timing! He doesn't seem upset but then he usually never does (except with Matt!)

  4. It's hard when the courses you take don't match your expectations. I remember that stressing me out. Hope he found something that he likes better.

    1. I'm sure he did find something else. He just hasn't told me yet. He's still trying to figure things and school. He'll get there but it's always something with that kid. I'm trying to get him to learn how to work things out himself then present to us the solution!

  5. HA! Okay, so my family is not the only one that has ridiculous conversations! PHEW! Thank goodness!!!
    You made me feel so much better!! ;o)

    1. This was per normal in our house especially if it involves Matt! We cover for each other mostly. You are not alone!

  6. LOL!!!!!! I love it when a car gets old and you don't have to be careful and worry about the car dings. This was cute. My son hasn't quiet mastered don't tell. He starts off, "Dad, I'm just trying to keep a secret from you so you won't know what me and mom were talking about." :-/

    1. I love it when someone (hubby) gets the first door ding instead of me. I like old cars too because stuff happens to my cars. I live out if them so the exposure, for me, is high.

      I've written about matt's poor secret keeping skills. He's on a need to know basis with the family. He can't help blabbing!