Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speaking Spanglish

So this is the idea for Sunday Stream of Consciousness at Jana’s Thinking Place. I almost missed today for several reasons but as I thought about missing today, I thought back to March (maybe) when I started doing SOC on Sundays. And you know what? I’ve hardly missed any. So I decided excuses weren’t going to cut it today!

Five minutes. On the above topic. Unedited. Un-fussed with writing.


It’s not a new trick. It’s an old one. It’s so very old. Well 4.75 years old.

Tomorrow is the day I break the seal; break the cellophane seal on my Rosetta Stone Central American Spanish.

(Hey! This is exactly what my box looks like!)

You see (readers of this blog have heard me bemoan about this many times and I still haven’t done anything) my family gave me this language program almost five Christmas’ ago because I asked for it. And here I am. In the same Spanglish speaking state I was five years ago. Not improved at all.

I have this particular edition because that’s where I find myself most often needing to speak the language. I also find myself in Mexico on a yoga-ish retreat most years, too. And this Christmas, I will be vacationing with my family in a Spanish speaking Central American country.

I’m also committed to a 5-week trip beginning at the end of May through 4th of July. I’ve heard there is not a lot of English spoken where I’m headed. It would be wise to learn. One of my travel mates speaks Italian, close but no cigar. The other speaks kitchen Spanish; you know the kind you use when you work in a restaurant which WILL come in handy.

But I’m tired of making excuses; being a giant procrastinating slug by not learning myself and relying on others.

My friends…please hold me to it!


  1. I am a peace corps baby who grew up in a house where my folks spoke Spanish when they didn't want us to understand what they were talking about.

    All of us picked up on it and after a while got to be pretty good at understanding our parents, but outside of the house was a different story.

    Spanglish doesn't work nearly as well as we might like it too because there are places where words don't translate as well and accents are different.

    It is like using your skill in basic math to get by the more advanced stuff. You can sort of figure it out, but you miss a lot.

    That program will help, just make it like working out. Stick to it and you'll be much happier in some of the places you go to visit.

    1. Just like a workout. Schedule it in. Today is the day!!! Ask me next week how far along I am!

  2. Good luck! I too wish I spoke Spanish.

    1. Well, I'll let you know how I do. Box opening, finally, this morning. Headphones will be on!

  3. No excuses now - serious incentive! You can do it.

  4. Good luck and do tell how it works out. I have always wanted to try Rosetta Stone, but didn't want to pay the price until I knew some one who had used it successfully - I'm not one to believe commercials very easily.