Friday, October 26, 2012

I Need To Hear Your Voice

Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo Baker at Gypsy Mama is a stream of consciousness linkup (which you know I love) with this week’s prompt being VOICE.

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No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font or punctuation.

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Okay VOICE, here we go…

There are things I need to (love to) to really know about a person. I love to see something written; not an email or something typed. I connect seeing handwriting because it’s real. It helps me visualize people. It’s like a piece to a puzzle.

But what is more important to me is knowing what someone’s voice sounds like. I may not know what they look like, or what their handwriting looks like, but hearing a voice stimulates my senses. For me, hearing things like music or words, the intonation of a voice, is incredibly important. If I can see the person AND hear them…AHHHH!

There is someone I’d love to be hearing right now. Someone I miss very much. That is one of my God daughters who lives in an orphanage in Honduras. I didn’t see her, hear her voice this year and it just about stabbed me in the heart.

She’s 18 now. I’ve known her since she was nine. She’s almost grown up but schooling (unlike other things) moves much slower there. She’s a high school sophomore.

I happened to be on Facebook today and “poof”! Up popped “Hola”. I was surprised and thrilled because it was a school day and during school hours.

So I asked about escuela (school) and she was getting ready for a big exhibition for her teachers on an operating system so she wanted me to wish her “BIG” luck.


Presentations…On operating systems…In Honduras?

And I could see she was trying to video chat with me. Then I would REALLY hear her voice but after a minute or two, she said GTG (so kidlike). So I sent her a giant XOXOXOX which I taught her. And of course, my love.

I really miss her. Boy do I wish I could hear her voice.


  1. What great timing to hear from her! I hope you guys can work out the video chat soon!

    1. Me too! It made my day. But I wonder how she will video chat me from school unless she gets approval. She can NOT be on the computer (unless it's homework) at the orphanage.

  2. I too LOVE to hear someone's speaking voice... I can connect to their writing - but to hear them read the words they wrote with passion and compassion can simply undo me! Take - for example - Ann Voskamp! Well - honestly - she can undo me in any form of communication! ;) So good of God to give you a moment to connect to 'Hola' and to be able to give her the encouragement and prayer she needed! Blessings! ~Karrilee~

    1. Yes! I pointed up and said "Thank you!" I hope she did well.

      I, too, love to hear someone read (especially what they've written) with passion and compassion. I would also become undone! Thanks for visiting, Karrilee.

  3. And you will hear her voice! Aren't we blessed to be living with this miraculous technology today! It is perfect for those who love to hear voices! Happy for you!

    1. Yes it is! The best part is that it was real time. Loved it. Love her. Thanks for commenting, Paula.

  4. Great five minutes - What a simple blessing, a voice can be... of course we notice more when it isn't there.


    1. So true and absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Thanks, Marissa!