Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Know What Day It Is...

But I don’t celebrate the “big” day and it’s not because I’m not romantic or in love or anything like that. Is it a Hallmark holiday? I usually say let’s not do something just because someone decided we should; nothing like putting pressure on people to act! You know I love you because I tell you.

I've never been a present person so if you ask me what I want you know you’ll get a list of stuff like a robe, gloves, water glasses and a teapot (my Christmas list for the family). I don’t wear a lot of jewelry… one ring on each hand, one special necklace, sometimes a bracelet and earrings occasionally on the weekend, if I remember. I look at a box filled with lovely things that are never worn. I’m not ungrateful. You know it's not important to me.

Pick a random day, put on your awesome iPod and grab me to dance.

Ask me to go on an afternoon walk with the puppies.

Call me up in the afternoon and suggest dinner around the corner at the diner.

Talk to me about anything other than the kids, our families, work and all the sensitive subjects that confuse our everyday life.

Take me to the movie I’ve wanted to see and hold my hand through most of it except if I’m going for the popcorn then let go.

Let me plan a trip just for us and because I’m really good at it know I’ll pick a place we both have been longing to go. You know the combination of a bathing suit, sun and a beautiful beach melts me into putty.

I am grateful because you do most of these things for me (except the grab and dance thing) but let’s do them more often!

What I’m saying is let’s keep creating memories but not on a day when we're supposed to. Those are the gifts that are most special to me…places and moments that I can lock away in my heart, which can’t be lost or forgotten. It’s what’s important to both of us. We had nothing when we started and some of those times were our happiest (although it's nice to be able to afford dinner out without the worry of credit card bills). I remember telling a friend that you marry for love and cross your fingers. My fingers haven't needed crossing in years.

I have this vivid memory of my parents dancing to I Hear A Symphony on random weekend nights.

I want to do that but let’s do it to 

And just when I thought this day would be like yesterday, the doorbell rings. I peek out and there’s someone standing on my porch with a simply gorgeous vase of red roses. The last time I answered my door for flowers, they were for my neighbor. I only get flowers on my birthday from my dad.

I’m stunned! This is definitely a huge surprise (I should go re-check the card). I think I'll welcome him home a little differently tonight. Not because it’s Valentines Day but because he made me feel special when I didn’t expect it!
(Just a favorite song of mine)
I like to play the music that is special to me so thank you for reading and listening to my blog.

Tomorrow, I’m going to write about a very special present I received yesterday from a brand new friend of mine, Jen from 


  1. I love this because I feel the same way. I love random acts of kindness, goodness, and love. I was moved to realize we've passed on this sentiment to our kids who believe that Fridays are dining room dance nights (simply because they used to see us dance together after dinner on Fridays. It was never purposeful; it just always ended up that way. The end of the week, the relief of nothing to do the following day). Although my middle girl and the boy did cards for class this year, my oldest is no longer interested, which is fine with me. I made each of them a card and they seemed surprised. I realized I haven't given them a personal Valentine card in a few years (although I write random notes and stash them in their lunch occasionally).

    I love that you got flowers unexpectedly, especially since for you, it's not because of the supposed-to day, but because he clearly wanted to. Knowing you're loved on February 14th, for me, is no more special than knowing I was loved on the 13th or the 15th, or hell, how about August 8th which holds no meaning whatsoever? Hmmm perhaps it is our Libraness?

    1. I love you're Friday dance nights! Kids should see their parents enjoying each other! You're a sweet mom. I mailed my kids little things for today and they've both called to say they that it was a wonderful surprise. They also still want baskets for Easter and presents labeled "From: Santa" (have to pull out my secret hand writing for both of those.

      My daughter is so excited because her "friend" from school (remember the shack clothes?) made a date weeks ago with her for tonight and got her a special gift. She was so concerned that she picked out the perfect thing for him...must like him. Remember it's a school night and you said you have a test tomorrow!

      The flowers shocked me and he was so happy when he walked in the door that I was caught by surprise. Knowing you're loved on any/all days is what's important. AND...Go Libras!!!

  2. I hear you. And going out to eat on V Day is the worst.

    1. I always cook for us. Usually the kids or at least one has always been around...not so this year :-( Don't want the crowds and sometimes I like what I make better. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Great words....so true! You should know you are loved everyday, especially the wost, most trying days. Those are the ones that really count. :)

    1. Especially on those God awful days! Thank you for visiting me.