Friday, February 17, 2012

There's Nothing Sweeter!

There is truly nothing sweeter than spending time with your kids especially when those times are so few and far between. You see…I am an empty nester.

I haven’t seen my son since he checked out of his personal Bed, Breakfast and More on January 8th. Actually, his father informed him that check out time on that day was 12:00pm. You should have seen his face. It was really quite funny (Check Out Time).

My darling sugar plum fairy of a daughter has been home more recently but anytime away from her makes me sad. Her brother on the other hand, ehhhh! Just kidding but not really…him being the high maintenance one. Everyone always thinks it’s the girls but it’s all in the personality and not in the gender…in my experience.

We are very lucky they attend the same university, where their daddy went, so we can hit them up in one big swoop. I’m hoping everyone looks happy and healthy. Hard to tell when you aren’t pushing the food and vitamins. Trying to release that white knuckled death grip on them.

I suppose it’s all about letting go and that’s been hard for me. Not to say that I haven’t gotten used to a quiet household. I have, but it was a work in progress from August until December. You hope those wings you spent 18 years helping them develop actually work and they take off to fly. Then, of course, there is the fingers crossed “please make smart decisions” thing too!

Letting go is hard to do but it makes seeing them all the sweeter!


  1. My kids are still very young but the leaving the nest positively both heartens and frightens me. I want them to do so much, get away, see/do things (while not bringing me laundry. I know! I know!).

    1. I does happen gradually and over the course of many years. There is a lot of stuff along the way that prepares both sides.

      They WILL bring laundry...that I can promise.

    2. Mines done with college and lives independently, has a career and he still brings laundry!!
      I kinda love it, crazy right?

      It's good that the kids are together at school. My boys were too! Nothing like your sibling watching your back.

  2. I agree with you, Jen. As much as I despise laundry I will always love doing it for them when they're home. It makes me happy to see them relaxing, playing with their pooches and just "being" at home.

    They just had a date on Thursday and went out for a fav meal...sushi. This warms my heart. Next year they will be leaving four houses away from each other and I love it.

  3. Love my kids more than anything, but my daughter is so much harder than my son. Would never give her up/away/back, but she is the reason I am aging so darn quickly...

    1. Reverse here. Daughter never a thought or issue...high achiever, great athlete, priorities in line...even keel.

      On the other hand, big guy makes every problem yours but if you want to have fun, he's your guy...a total blast. Highs high... Lows, a pain in the ass. However, he could engage a rock, adult, stranger, friend in an amazing conversation so who knows....