Thursday, February 16, 2012

Would I Do It or NOT? Reverse Bucket List

I suppose some things are always up for negotiation.

There aren’t many things I wouldn’t give a whirl but there are certainly a few things I would never do, want to do or be willing to do. If you have done the things on my Reverse Bucket List, more power to you and please don’t be offended if I don’t partake. For me, some things are just not gonna happen. Like…

1. I’m never going to Japan, not one ounce of interest even though I’ve been known to stalk the head chef at The Sushi House. You tried to lose me by moving to Nabuki but I found you!

2. I would never, never appear on “Fear Factor” and only for one reason. I’m not going to eat or drink any of that disgusting crap! Push me out of a helicopter but I refuse to drink donkey piss (they got in trouble for that!)

3. A tarantula will never come anywhere near me again. We came upon one on a path in Big Sur and told our friend to put her foot next to it for size reference. We later found out they jump. Yuck!
That's my bad video job as we were caught by surprise. 

4. I will never watch Jersey Shore or read anything related to the subject and I don’t think that requires an explanation! 

5. I'll never run a marathon. I’m not going to poop my pants on the streets of Chicago just to finish or maybe it’s because my body wouldn’t cooperate. Not sure.

6. I refuse, therefore won't, give up wine or coffee but if I had to break up with one, it would be coffee.
You know who said this? Benjamin Franklin and he knows his shit! True fact!

7. I will never be a White Socks fan. When you live in Chicago, there are some decision you have to make early on and then there’s no such thing as switching even though they suck EVERY SINGLE year.

 Sorry, slightly inappropriate.

8. I think some tattoos are really pretty but…

9. I don’t want to jinx myself because I have never even been arrested which kind of leads into… I never want to spend the night in jail. I’ve had a run in or two before or should I say a “run from” so I’ll knock on wood here.
Good book, BTW

10. I won't be taking it all off at a nudist beach. My only opportunity was when I went to Hedonism in Jamaica at the age of 25. If I didn’t do it then it is very unlikely to happen...EVER. That's not to say I wouldn’t go to a very private beach and skinny dip but not more than one person at a time is going to see me doing this!

There you have it...a few things I never want to do courtesy of Mama Kat's prompt:

3.) Create a reverse bucket list that names the top ten things you never want to do.
(Inspired by The Hairpin)


  1. hahahaha:) i am a white sox fan. but it's to your credit that you put up that photo, which is hysterical. you have to choose one or the other, it's true. however, i went to a high school in the city with students from all over the metro area. i graduated in 90. i was a jock, and i was friends with boys from the south side and north side. and i can tell you nobody cared strongly that you had to go with one team or another. both teams stunk and it was no big deal:)
    it would be fun to see the cubs make a run. but it would be more fun to see the sox do it:) i don't think either team is capable, however. and that's traditional chicago baseball.

    1. I burst out laughing when I found that photo. It just captures the essence of what it's like to be a Cubs fan. I think it was my parents and their friends who made it clear you couldn't be both. I wasn't even introduced to the Sox, never have seen one single game. I will route for them whenever they make the playoffs and cheered them on for the World Series but I still hope the Good Guys can do it. Maybe with Epstein?

      I go with your thought that neither can pull it off and it is just as it is every year. Hopeful in April and tuned out by August.

  2. Totally with you on Jersey Shore (and laughing hard at the suicidal books!) and Fear Factor. I entertained the idea of being willing to try out once (if they ever came near enough) but once they did the episode with maggots (as I now itch) I think I both lost the desire to go on the show or watch any longer.

    1. Those maggots creeped me out. My daughter and I recently submitted an app to Amazing Race. We had to wait until she turned 21, which is the age limit.

      I also don't do Kim K or Brittney Spears.

  3. My list singled out the Kardashians and any of the Housewives shows. Ditto to the Marathon.

    1. I don't do the K's either or any Housewives' shows. I give those runner a lot of credit because there is no way I could do it.

  4. Great list. I loved the book committing suicide as well!

    1. I thought that was funny and descriptive of how I felt about JS. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Those Jersey shows are like watching a train wreck. I click on them and can't look away. They are pretty sad. I hope a lot is hyped for cameras. Funny list.

    1. Something inside me thinks that if I even started, I wouldn't be able to pull myself away. Therefore, not going there. I hope they are carrying around for the cameras too.

      Thanks for coming by!