Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Awesome and The AWKWARD

In my opinion, there's nothing sweeter than a child calling to say, "I'd like to come home for the weekend. Is it ok?". This is a drop everything, nothing else matters moment. Maybe I'm psycho. I don't know but my friends do the same.

This weekend turned into pure awesomeness. So many wonderful and sweet moments squeezed into 65 blissful hours. It's heaven to spoil just one kid at a time without the bickering that comes along with having her brother home too.

We change into sweats, build a fire, and share some wine while noshing on her hand picked menu which I happily cook for her. We're cozy and relishing in all the time ahead of us for meaningful and silly chit chat. She's lovin' up her pups and paying extra attention to the recovering patient (the one mom ran over). We talk about grades and classes and boys.......

While cleaning the kitchen, I hear them, she and her daddy, in the study with the music a little too loud. They're comparing recent iTune purchases and play lists. Both have pretty impressive selections on their pods and they're swapping crazy favorites. Funny how she loves some of his old rock stuff! He definitely doesn't like her taste in rap.

Then there's The Sushi House, as always, and little "love pinches" that really annoy her but I can't help myself. She says, "Mom, I'm not your play thing!" but she is. We hit the mall and play "how much can you try on and buy in 45 minutes?". The answer is a lot! We both aren't shoppers.

I even pretend that I'm thrilled to do her laundry (if you know me, then you know how badly I hate it). As I'm sorting her clothes to dump into the washer, I find myself holding a large Blackhawks tee-shirt and a very large pair of gym shorts! Hmmmmmmm and then the light switch flicks on.

Imagine the sound of a stereo needle scratching across an album!

These are SHACK CLOTHES! We've all been there, done that but my baby doing the walk of shame? I'm speechless for a moment then call, "Dollface, can you come into the laundry room?" She sees what I'm holding, smirks and high tails it out of the room as quickly as she bounced in. I'm calling after her, "I KNOW WHAT THESE ARE!" I'm not mad but then I'm the understanding and realistic one.

My lips are sealed because her daddy is within minutes of shaking hands with the kid, for the very first time, that she's borrowing clothes from . I can't even imagine what would have gone down had he known or if the boy knew I knew what they were up to 4 hours away from us.

Sadly, it's Sunday and we've packed her up, about to say goodbye to her and the guy (he lives in our 'hood). Dad asks if she needs some cash. Who says no? I know where his wallet is and I follow her in. Why don't we see how much is in there? It goes a little like this...One for me and one for you; one for me and one for you; one for me and OOPS...Daddy's down one large in 10 seconds flat.

We left Dad and the boy out on the driveway ALONE. I think I made the right decision not to tell him about the laundry. It wouldn't have ended well, I fear.



  1. Mine was just home for 4 days off on his swing days off between shifts, I love those times too! He just hangs with me and his Dad, we watch movies, eat our favorite foods. I especially love how he dotes on my Mom, she's getting on in age. Then he'll just start to get a bit antsy and he'll say I'm gonna head back up to my place now, until next time. It really is great....i agree.

    1. Same here, we just hang, eat and relax. My daughter is really a homebody so she loves just doing nothing but "being home".

      It is really sweet that your son dotes on your mom. And I agree after a few days they get antsy for what they usually do. At least they love to come to home to us, right?

  2. I can only speak for myself but if my daughters wants her boyfriend to retain the use of all of his body parts she won't ever make it clear to me that they do anything other than discuss literature.

    I am not dumb enough to think that is going to happen but I am not ready now to have more than that. Granted she is 7.5 and maybe I'll change, but I don't know.

    She will always be my little girl and having had my own share of experiences, well this makes me a bit crazy. Oy, I am not ready for that at all.

    1. I'm sure you've heard this before... "little kids, little problems; big kids, big problems." My daughter is 21 so there were little steps and lessons along the way that ready us all for more grown up behavior. That's why I've always loved her healthy relationship with her father. It helps her understand how a man should behave, commitment, trust, etc.. However, dad doesn't want to really know what he probably already knows.

      Amanda is a little older than I was when I began a life long thingy so that's on my mind. She's not the kind of girl who has to have a guy all the time, quite finicky which I'm thankful for; she's always been ok on her own (my lessons for her). She's also been on both ends of the stick, the breaker of a heart and the recipient of a heart smashed to smithereens so she knows how it feels and is sensitive to it.

      This kid is a real gentleman. Takes a lot for a boy to look a dad in the eye, be prepared to answer any and all questions, and make solid conversation. I know his family and they've brought him up well. I just hope my daughter doesn't break his heart or I'll never hear the end of it from his mother!

      However, still don't want the imagine in my head!

  3. I'm giggling only because the minute you described the closed I knew. My own are so young still, but I'm with you -- I don't think I've have told either. At least not with the two of them (mainly the boy) still there.

    1. Hi Arnebya,
      Sometimes you don't want to know what you already know.

      My kids (18.5 and 21) don't know much about my late teens through 25 other than they think my husband was the wild one. Actually, not true, it was me but I'll let them think what they want.

      She's growing up and you hope they continue to make good choices.