Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toes, Cement, A Car Wreak, Extreme Fitness, Brain Cramps And MORE!!!

Have you ever wanted to stick your toes or a hand or write something with a stick in freshly laid cement? It definitely brings out the child in me.

This is my village this morning. 

Who the heck thinks we need to keep beautifying this one block town? Look at it! That’s all there is. But it’s in a constant state of rearranging on our taxpayer dollars.

I bring this up because you can see my coffee shop in the forefront. This morning, right outside, the cement mason was putting his final touches on a decorative circle before my eyes. The ONLY thing I could think of was taking off my flip-flops and digging my toes in. Leaving my mark. Childish, right?

My sensibility kicked in. I thought about the bill we’d receive from the village and the ‘splaining I’d have to do…

Speaking of ‘splaining…

It came to my attention this weekend (from my daughter), and as clever as I thought I’d been, my husband knows about a fender bender I may or may not have gotten in with her car recently. I immediately took it to “my guy” for a cheap repair (doesn’t everyone have a guy on hand for such things?) and had it fixed fairly well for 50 bucks. The alternative was a much more costly replaced wheel well and quarter panel. Plus it wasn’t on the driver’s side which is the side mostly seen from our driveway. I thought I made a good decision here. Funny, my husband has never mentioned a thing to me even though he has seen it, inspected it (no doubt), mentioned it to my daughter and knows who the culprit was. And he knows I know he's seen it. Patient man.

It’s been one week to the day since my little monsters left for school. Need I say more? AHHHHHHHHHHH…..

People who have been following me for the last 4-5 months know I get a bit wigged out over exercise. I always need to have a fitness goal or challenge dangling in front of me. If you live in the Chicago area, are going to be in the area OR want to be in the area and you like fitness challenges (Hey! Think along the lines of the writing challenges for which we are all so fond!), sign up for STORM THE STADIUM on September 22nd and do it with my friends and me!!! Check out the website. It should be a blast and I will be talking about it as it gets closer...A LOT! And it’s not about how fast you can do those 6000 stairs; it’s about just doing it. And who can resist a Survivor hunk or hunkette?

I love participating in Trifecta and Yeah Write writing challenges. However, I’m suffering from an extreme lack of ideas. Anyone out there have any suggestions for a writer’s brain cramp? Jack, I know you’ll say there is no such thing and to just keep writing and it takes practice and…

And I need sleep aids because I’m not doing it. Sleeping much. And I'm staying up way too late. And I’m thinking instead of sleeping. Counted back from 100 about 100 times last night and thought about Trifecta topic way too much. Sleep is overrated but I need just a little, pretty please!

I’ve been told the third book of The Hunger Games series isn’t as good as the first two. True? I should finish the series, don’t you think?

I always like to thank Stacy on Tuesdays for letting have a place to just be….Random!


And Seriously Shawn and Impulsive Addict for indulging our impulses to write whatever comes to mind.

Seriously Shawn

And this is a train I’ve never been on before, Tuesday Train. I’m a nubee so I’m looking forward to an adventure.


  1. I think you should have put something in that cement-- a little flower? Something. . .I would have been tempted.

    1. If it was unmonitored, and no one was right there, oh boy...I would have! Back when my kids were young, I encouraged them and their friends to write their names and decorate a newly formed square of sidewalk right in front of our house. I got a bill from the village for $144 to have it torn out and redone. Apparently, it's not allowed. It's like a right of passage for all children to leave a mark somewhere in cement, right?

  2. You should finish the 3rd book.

    Our town did the same thing. There was nothing wrong with the old way but just a way to get tax money and spend it on needless crap.

    1. I'm just finished with Catching Fire and have a Kindle with the third one on it already so I will dive in!

      The old way/look was darling and pretty. I've got to move...between village taxes and those for the school system....

  3. Grinding the bottom of your coffee cup in it would have been good. No "prints" left behind.

    1. Damn good idea, Kenya, but the guy was right there taking his last swipe with that flat tool thingy! I should have shouted, "Hey! What's that?" and pointed in the opposite direction. Or just come back 30 minutes later for a second cup. Next time, watch out Village of CH!!!

  4. Ok Trouble,

    You are a thinker and sometimes in writing that leads to more thought/analysis than action. It is a trap that is easy to fall into, I have done it more than once,

    My biggest challenge lately hasn't been a lack of ideas but feeling like I write the same story or a version of it repeatedly and/or trying to decide where the boundaries are.

    Sometimes when I feel like I am a bit stuck I pick a period of my life and start reviewing the mental movie in my mind.

    For example, I might look back at my Freshman year of college and think about what that was like and what I did.

    Or maybe I'll think about "firsts" and make a mental list of everything: First day of school, first time as a dad, first diaper, first kiss, first sexual experience, first job, first car.

    And then once I have some of these things in my head I look for the shiny pieces that catch my eye and share them.

    1. I knew this would get your attention and you'd answer!!! And I'm not trouble!

      You've got it right. Stuff is tumbling around up there and not getting down to the keyboard.

      I like your mental movie idea. I have plenty of those I can review going back, I don't know how many years (you see...I've forgotten my age already ;-))

      Thanks for the input!

  5. I think you should have written "world peace" .. no one would mind that, right? :)

    I'm a fitness buff too. Now that I'm older, I do less impact.. but still hit the gym otherwise I'm very cranky.


    1. Hi Leslie,

      WORLD PEACE, pretty please!!!

      The only impact I really do anymore is run. It's addicting to me. Like you, I'm extremely cranky when I don't exercise. Everyone else should look out.

  6. Haha, I'm still laughing about your "secret" car repair. Your husband sounds like the man, lol. Hoping you make it through the monster separation! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!
    xo Mary Jo

    1. Mary Jo,
      Obviously it wasn't the first time. After so many years, he's used to me and my car issues. It cracks me up that neither one of us has mentioned it even though we both know the other knows. He takes pristine car of his car. Mine....

      As far as the monster separation is concerned...there's always Skype!

      Happy Wednesday!

  7. you do have a patient husband----love it----and what a cute town :)

    1. Patience in the bucket loads. The nicest guy you'd ever meet. And tolerant of my behavior. Must be something in it for him ;-)

      Our tiny suburb is cute and very quiet you can hear the birds chirp!

  8. Maybe your insomnia has something to do with your traumatic experiences this summer? A little post traumatic stress is expected, and insomnia can be a symptom. But you're probably just so excited about writing that you don't want to stop!

    I don't think anybody can resist fresh cement!

    1. I think you're right about the insomnia. I have trouble sleeping if anything significant is on my mind. Writing has taken a back seat I'm afraid but the good news is I'm reading again which I really haven't been able to do a lot of because of some short term memory loss and attention problems as a result of this summer's happenings. I'm happy to be back with my true love...reading!

      Oh yeah! Fresh cement = Gotta do it!