Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I'm Looking Forward To After Goodbye

I cried.

Of course I did because I always do when they leave, or I leave them. They make fun of me saying I cry too easily even during commercials or silly TV shows.

I had droplets streaking down my cheeks…for about five minutes as we were hugging goodbye and saying see you in a month.

Guilty as charged!

But you know what? Those tears dried up lickety split!

And I immediately sat down with my book (Catching Fire, second in The Hunger Games trilogy), which is #1 on my list of “Things I’m looking forward to about sending the kids back to school”.

1.)  I want to read OBSESSIVELY! I’ve got books on books on books in a physical and virtual pile just waiting to be devoured.

2.)  My laundry load has been severely, and thankfully, cut to 1/3 of what it was 24 hours ago. Need I say more?

3.)  I’m looking very much forward to getting back to some sort of exercise routine. I exercised yesterday, really exercised, for the first time since late June. I’m so stiff and sore I can hardly walk and I know it will get worse later and even more so tomorrow. I love the feeling!!!

4.)  My ears will be completely cleansed of bickering. Unless, however, my husband and I decide to pick it up which is highly unlikely.  When we go out with a couple that happens to be having “issues” we refer to them as “The Bickersons”. If they are good friends, we say it directly to them…meant fondly, of course.

5.)  I just returned from watching a movie on a rainy afternoon. And the trailers made me want to see so many more. Wouldn’t a bi-weekly popcorn and Diet Coke lunch at the movie theater be perfect?

6.)  The amount of cash in my wallet is static from day to day. I never have much and my cash needs are small, like a cup of coffee. Sometimes, there is not even that.

7.)  Date nights where no one barges in because they hear you making reservations at Nabuki for sushi and it’s exactly what they wanted for dinner too. You up the reservation to four because how can you say “no” when your time together is dwindling. You whisper in your husband's ear, “Honey, just one more week and I’m all yours!” and you make some enticing suggestions for the night they leave.

8.)  You now have more TVs in the house than the total number of occupants. We both get to watch whatever we want but each hopes you’ll watch together. And instead of claiming separate couches, you choose to sit close. Unless, the dog decides she’d like to be right in the middle (happens!)

Today, I’m not crying but will miss them something fierce as I put on makeup and my best pair of jeans for date night!
Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. I'm SO looking forward to school starting so I can get back into a regular routine. These kids sleeping til noon and all the neighborhood kids using my house as a playpen is driving me nuts!!

    1. Ahhhh! A regular routine is splendid! Drove me nuts both the sleeping in and so many kids around. We had the hang out house all summer, and usually do, but by the end of this one, I was up to my eyeballs and couldn't keep up with their appetites! Now, I ave all the ice cream to myself!

  2. Wait--do your kids go to boarding school? I'm looking forward to the routine but the days don't feel that long with the last one leaving at 815 and the first one coming home at 230. I'm not sure how I'd handle them being away away.

    1. They are both away in college. And I remember the days when they first went to school. It was as if you blinked and they were home again. It goes way too fast.

  3. I can't believe it's that time again! As hard is to watch them to go. I bet the time will go so fast before you know it you'll be passing them the turkey!
    Enjoy date night my friend!

    1. I wish time would slow the hell down!

      It was really fun! Dinner, drinks and peacefulness!