Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's Be Friends, RV Travel, Name That Tune, Hands Out Of My Pocket!

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday. Again. And so quickly that happened.

The thing I like about Tuesdays is the opportunity to participate in Stacy’s Random Tuesday Thoughts and it provides just enough of an excuse for all this blah, blah, blah!

I’m not on Face Book much but I got a friend request (who knows when?) from a guy that messaged me first saying, “Hey, Gina. We went to college together. Do you remember me? Let’s be friends.” I looked at his picture. Didn’t ring any bells or jog any memories although his name is kind of familiar. He knows someone I know (mutual yet distant friend) but that’s just not enough on my end. Do you ignore the request? Obviously they know you are ignoring them when you don’t accept. But do I care that he knows? No, because I don’t know him. I knew I’d eventually answer my own question.

I love to drive and I could do it, by myself, for hours. And as I was driving home this morning from Indiana I had the opportunity to think about and do a few things.

(1)         I’d love to buy an RV (think “Lost In America”). One like the rock stars have but it doesn't have to be that pimped out. It can be basic but along these lines. I saw tons of them today. Ahhhhh! The freedom to travel. I have several specific uses in mind for MY  RV. I would take it to concerts all over the country. I’d see every band or artist that I ever wanted to see and I would enjoy both mapping out my trip and spontaneously seeing anyone of interest while also taking in our National Parks. This sounds perfect for me.

(2)         I like to drive by myself because my "in vehicle" music habits would drive the most insane person completely wacky. I don’t use an iPod or listen to CDs. I cruise the stations. NON-STOP!!! My finger is fixed to the station changer or tuner and I just roll with it. Sometimes I even play “Name That Tune” with myself and only leave a song on for a few notes, guess, then go back to the station to see if I was correct. Yes, I’m annoying but I am by myself so I can do what I want. Additionally, I have no problem singing at the top of my lungs and don’t care if people see me belting it out. I heard a lot of great songs this morning.
(3)         Part of any drive, I like to reserve for pure thinking time. I let my mind wander off without so much as a thought to reining it in. Stories formulate that way.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire but me thinks I will take a break before reading Mockingjay. This must be influenced by hearing that it wasn’t as good as the other two, not sure, but my wandering and curious mind is already off in a new direction (Mockingjay will have to wait).

I’m starting a book called What The Psychic Told The Pilgrim by Jane Christmas. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t but it was given to me by my neighbor, the one with whom I went off to Spain, and it’s a must read for me. We will be walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago de Compostela for 30 days beginning towards the end of May with the culmination being June 27th. If you’ve ever walked La Camino, please feel free to give advice or pointers. We will need them.

It lasted 13 days. I’m actually surprised it took them that long to ask about money. The kids, I mean. I usually get “hit up” sooner and more frequently. However, I did offer to pay for any date nights they had with each other…just the two of them since they attend the same school and live a mere four doors down from each other. You see…they don’t get along. AT ALL! One says “black” and the other simultaneously says “white”. ALWAYS! I want them to bond, to like each other and if it’s over sushi (their only shared love), then I’m willing to pay for it. I owe someone $30.

They sent a picture from that night, after dinner, and those smiles look real. I don't have many like that...one is always faking it! Plus it's confirmation they are ALIVE!

I need to get to the stairs. Remember "Storm The Stadium"? That stupid thing I said I'd do (6000 stairs in Soldier Field); the stupid goal I set for September 22nd. Thinking about them right now makes me want to puke.

Oh, and lastly, I would like to look like Jillian Michaels on the cover of September's Shape Magazine. 

I only have 6 inches, 20 lbs. and 12 years on her but...maybe? She looks great. Healthy. Strong. Fit. Just the right look to me!!!

Thanks again, Stacy, for hosting!!!


Seriously Shawn


  1. It's not that Mockingjay wasn't as good....it was just more gory to me. But it was def. a must read. I should start bribing my kids to spend time together. They're only 10 & 13...but maybe if I start them young, they'll like each other by college.

    1. I've purposely stayed away from reading review so that I'm not swayed or don't know anything. I don't mind gore. I will read it for sure just taking a Games break. Rumor has it they are getting along better. When they were younger, being a boy and a girl, they just stayed away from each other. Now, they seem to find themselves in the same places at the same times. Bribing works and they take turns hitting me up for the money. My big mouth.

  2. I have thought about the rv thing too. but there is so much to the rv than just driving that keeps me from going full bore.

    Good luck on the STORMin' the Stadium.

    1. Maybe I'd travel with a mechanic. Anybody know a qualified person who'd like the job? It doesn't pay well (at all) but you'd see a lot of the country and I can cook! However, I still get control of the stereo!

      I'll need luck if I don't get my butt out there and work for it.

  3. The good thing about being the driver is that you get the claim to whatever you want to hear on the radio!

    Funny about your kids. Our youngest and middle one never got along in the least. Scrapped like cats and dogs. Until recently. I've noticed that while they still fight, they are more and more ending up laughing about it or carrying it on into some sort of playful game. It's been interesting to watch. It sort of gives me a bit of hope they'll grow a little closer as they get older.

    1. That's right, Ken! I love to drive and I only offer potty breaks when I fill up the tank (but an RV has a bathroom so it's all good).

      It seems since they've been at school together for a year, those same issues that would escalate into a full blown argument, end up a teasing, laughing affair. Drove me nuts and I still expect disagreements. Them getting along is a foreign concept. They seem to be getting a wee bit closer. For Pete's sake, they share a lot of common interests so you'd think.......

  4. i like driving alone sometimes too just so i can jam to my music - but overall i def like a partner in crime :o)

    1. I'm split on the partner in crime thing. Depends who it is. I could definitely do a Thelma and Louise without all the drama especially the end! But sometimes I crave the alone time!

  5. When we did our cross-country trip to visit my family in Washington State, I was a bit relieved when the hubby insisted we drive both cars because that meant I would be able to do exactly what you described. You know, except the part of driving an RV. ;)

    I still have yet to read The Hunger Games - Princess Nagger has read them all...twice. ;)

    Yay for your kids getting along - those smiles do look genuine. :) That means maybe there's hope for Princess Nagger and Little Dude in the future. ;)

    I would love to look like Jillian Michaels, too - I really need to kick my motivation into gear. :)

    Principal's Office, Foxy Meltdown in the Dentist Chair, Crustache Sandwich Disguise and a Hunger Games Lunch - RTT Rebel

    1. I think we could handle a big rig, Stacy!

      My daughter, who reads like me, really wanted me to read them. Loved the first two. Just have to finish Mockingjay now.

      I'm guessing their "getting along" is temporary. There is always hope and that's what I hope for.

      Well, I'm going with airbrushed for sure but she looks great and healthy. That's the part I like. I'd take a 5'8" version of that!

  6. My brother and I fought constantly throughout our childhood, but we bonded in college. Now we live two miles away from each other, and he is my husband's best friend.

    1. I can totally see that happening...being best friends with the other's spouse. They have soooo much in common just different personalities. They are both chilling out in their own ways, too.