Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids Need To Go Back To School: Random Tuesday

It’s Random Tuesday. I love Tuesdays for this very reason. I don't have to think too much and that's all good with me.

Right now, it’s early. The sun came up directly in the window with a clear path to my eyes. Looking down, I saw the computer exactly where I left it last night and began typing. Usually, someone would burst through my door after midnight, with his or her iPhone lit up, looking for it, waking me in the process.

I’m getting tired of getting woken up during the night. By someone doing something. Remember, I don’t have toddlers. No one should be waking up mom. And another thing! I’m tired of the shenanigans and the bickering. Again, I don’t have toddlers. I have young adults (who happen to never get along). Nothing heats me up faster, and not in a good way, then bickering kids!

It’s run its course, our summer together, in everyone’s eyes right about now.  By this time tomorrow, my house will be blissfully quiet but I'll have tears in my eyes, for sure. One leaves today and the other tomorrow. I absolutely love seeing their excitement for what this year holds. I LOVED college. I’d be excited to go back, too! Good luck with that "Introduction To Asian Religions" buddy. I'd enjoy it but I never pictured it to be in your wheel house!

Why is it when you are taking a shower, in one with a glass door, your husband finds about 5 reasons to keep coming in, asking questions, nose pressed to the door (or feels like it)? Then as soon as the glass fogs up, he gets on with his own business. Interesting.

I took a walk yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks. It felt great being in the sun and a cool 76 degrees. But I was huffing and puffing after the first half mile. After 1.5 miles, I threw in the soaking wet towel (ripped off the sweaty neck brace) and flopped down on the couch. I’ll go again today and a smidgeon farther.

What I realized during yesterday’s walk is I miss something very badly…my iPod. My music! For 30 minutes, I played most everything I wanted to hear! Just lovely!

Today will be another gorgeous day. I can tell from my window. But I think I’m going to close my eyes one more time and see what happens.



  1. HAHAHA!!! You totally made me giggle. My "not toddlers" can't get along either and one of them woke me up last night with their itouch screen lit up trying to find something in my room. I'm your newest follower thanks to Random Rebel. Stop by graceful-disaster.blogspot.com when you have a few minutes :)

    1. I'm so glad you giggled, Giggles! That iPhone business in the middle of the night has driven me nuts. One down/gone, and one to go!

      Thanks for following me and I hope I can continue to make you giggle. I'll be right over!

  2. I'm not looking forward to when Princess Nagger in particular is old enough for a SmartPhone - she'll probably be waking me up during the night with it. ;)

    Here's to bittersweet blissful quiet. I'm looking foward to finally having some peace and quiet when Princess Nagger starts school next week, though I'm sure going to miss her when she's gone during the day...I'm going to be a blubbering mess when she eventually goes off to college.

    I'm giggling over the shower routine - very interesting there are no more interruptions after the glass is all fogged up! :)

    Awesome that you finally were able to go out on a walk - and the weather sounds perfect! Bet you'll be so glad to lose that neck brace!

    Thanks so much for playing along! :)

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    1. Believe me, while you miss them terribly, you get used to them being gone and they get used to it too. Then when it's time for them to go back, it's just about time in everyone's minds as hard as it is. I know I'll see them soon and they go to school together so that make it easier. (You will blubber the first year... A LOT!)

      The shower was like a science experiment. I just watched the behavior and then I laughed!

      The walk felt fabulous. I'm suppose to be wearing the brace less and less but it's like a security blanket right now.

      And I love playing along. Thanks for being the wonderful host you are!

  3. Mine went back to school today and enjoyed class in 104 degree weather. By the time they got home they were all sorts of fun to be with.

    My son, the new middle schooler told me he noticed girls are different in middle school. Wouldn't provide any more details, wonder when he'll notice that some of them are as much fun as his little sister. ;)

    1. I know today was their first day at the new schools. Hope it went well. Middle school, as you know, is such a different/difficult time (sometimes more so for girls). It's finally cooled off here and only in the 80's. Don't send that stuff this way!

      Oh boy! He sure has a whole bunch of eye opening experiences ahead. I wish them lots of luck as I know you've had this on your mind for a very long time!

  4. It's funny when we crave the quiet but are still shouting don't go, I'll miss you. And truly, if there's something I hate it's bickering kids. I absolutely cannot stand it when they argue, especially over stupid things like headbands. There are 246543545 headbands in this house and you're fighting over ONE? Ugh!

    1. Oh yea! Definitely yearning for both...quiet and them. They don't go hand and hand, I'm afraid. My kids argue over EVERYTHING. If one says green, the other says red, if we are deciding dinner plans, one says sushi and the other Italian. I'm guilty of throwing things out, when they were little, when they bickered over it. Drives me NUTS to this day.