Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Out Of 100 Favorite Songs: Monday Listicles

This is so fun and I will participate in anything that involves music so I was thrilled when I opened up Stasha's Monday Listicles (this week Cassie  picked the theme) and it was all about listing 10 of your favorite songs. 

My list of favorites includes about 100 so I chose the first 10 I thought of but really cheated because I looked at my iPod "favorites" playlist and the songs I most listened to recently. I'm a rock girl from early on so many songs below reflect this!

I don't know if there in any sort of order but maybe since this is the order in which they popped into my mind. But my mind works in scattered ways most often so that's not reliable either!

1. Touch Me- The Doors 

2. Maybe I'm Amazed- Paul McCartney and Wings

3. My Old School- Steely Dan

4. Payphone- Maroon 5 with Wiz Khalifa, the explicit version

5. Ventura Highway- America

6. Missing- Everything But The Girl

8. Ruby Tuesday- Rolling Stones

9. Anything Pink or Kid Rock- REALLY….ANYTHING!!! I love them both. Have seen them both several times and will see them again the minute they step foot anywhere close to Chicago. I'm willing to travel to see them as well. 

10.Desperado- The Eagles

If I could add...

Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

Peace Train- Cat Stevens


  1. Maybe I'm amazed is on my top ten. McCartney played a great guitar riff on that song. Actually, he played all the instruments on that whole album. Another two on my top 10 is God Only Knows and Wouldn't it Be Nice by the Beach Boys. But my all time favorite is a 70s era song, which I hope you know. Magnet and Steel, by Walter Egan. Walter was not a big name but the song is a killer and has special meaning for me. You may know the song from the movie, Boogie Nights.

    1. Maybe I'm Amazed is probably top 3, definitely top 5! I agree with McCartney's riff. Outstanding! I LOVE Wouldn't It Be favorite Beach Boys song. Of course, I know Magnet and Steel. It's not a top ten for me but any song with a very special meaning becomes one for a person. I absolutely get that. Touch Me, definitely top 3, has a special meaning for me. True love.

  2. My brother - who is seven years younger than me would LOVE your playlists.

    1. Then he likes some retro rock because I know you are way younger than me! I'm happy he'd like it.

  3. Great list with some awesome tunes!