Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Should Change My Mind?

Took the time just now to peruse the Chicago Tribune which is a luxury today. While turning the pages, my eyes gravitated to an ad with a beautiful diamond filigree necklace. It is just my taste in jewelry... elegant, understated, etc. The best, and most clever I might add, caption was stated simply below the lovely piece. It said, "Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving You Golf Trips".

This is one fantastic advertisement. The creative team who came up with this is spot on for placement and target market. This ad will pop up on desks, in dressers or just plain on the counter top of many suburban Chicago homes this evening.

Here is my dilemma. My husband loves, loves, loves golf trips but should I change my Christmas list which only included leather gloves, a robe, wine glasses and a teapot? What is the "cost" to me in a new Christmas list featuring this gorgeous thing?  Hmmmm, I need to weigh this out because I might be able to swing it. What should I do?

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