Monday, December 26, 2011

The Calm After the Storm!

I just love a quiet house, especially after a crazy weekend. I have decided to give everyone the day off today. This includes the kids, dogs, one husband and ME!

No work today, just fun and relaxation! 

This morning, let's all read our books (or sleep), lay on the couch, and eat leftovers for breakfast. Then, after a while, let's walk the dogs on this beautiful, sunny Chicago day to get the blood pumping and our bodies moving. I almost wrote "movie" instead of moving. Apparently that's what I want to do next. 

After our walk, shall we see a movie? We probably don't have time to go to the theatre so let's rent one on the tube.  

I hope everyone feels like Thai food for dinner. Let's order from Siam Kitchen and pick it up early so we won't be late for the Hawks game in the city. It's a 7:30pm start! Hockey is the best sport seen live (maybe between football but not Bears football).

I'm so happy I just planned a fun day for us after such a special one yesterday. Not to say Christmas day wasn't was, but just not relaxing!


  1. It's good to relax and take a break sometimes.

    Have a great time!

  2. MofM, It was a great day! Thanks for the well wishes and being the only one besides me that reads what I write...or least comment on it!