Friday, December 16, 2011

A Country Club Christmas Fiasco!

Today's blog is of the "Does anyone care what I write?" variety and involves one of my very silly best friend.

Last night was our fancy Christmas dinner at the country club. The "blue hairs" were out in force (not me, I'm blonde), everyone was dressed to the nines and wine flowed freely as hors d'oeuvres were being passed. We thought this was a great night to behave since it wasn't the rip roaring kind of night that we sometimes like to have and did the week before.

Everyone made a grand entrance into the dining room to candlelight, flowers and 50 string instruments playing gorgeous Christmas music. Approaching our table, we decide to continue acting like grown ups and sit boy/girl even though we REALLY want to sit girls on one side and guys on the other. We feel this need when we're dressed up and I don't know why. A grand night calls for grand gestures, so our gentlemen pull out our chairs for us to gently sit. Doc Weed, Susie's guy, pulls out her LEAST two feet. Poor Susie went down hard in her little black dress and Jimmy Choo stilettos anticipating her non-existent seat with about 25 people looking on. The look on her face was priceless! At the same time and I don't even know how as we were all in shock, the flower centerpiece falls into my full water glass and lands right in my lap. Thinking I was clever and wearing satin, I thought the water might run right off me on to the floor if I stood up. The only things in the way of this bright idea were my shoes and I sat the rest of the night in wet Stuart Weitzman's but Susie sat in shear mortification!

I'm sure our table looked like a bunch of big drunks and we weren't even really drinking! Thank God we pay to be there and can't get kicked out...I think!

That was the start of our night. Then I had the craziest conversation with Sue during dessert. She always gives me her tomatoes because she doesn't like them. I always give her my raspberries because I don't care for their consistency. Sue finally, after 15 years, asked what my problem was with raspberries and the rest went like this:
"Why don't you like raspberries?" " I like the taste but not the consistency. They are seedy and sometimes hairy and I don't like that." Sue, "Well I'm hairy sometimes and you still like me don't you?" Me, "Yes, but Sue, I don't eat you!" Doc just looked back and forth between us and said, "I hope not!"

Okay, so I thought that was funny! Have a great!!!

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