Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Focus and Motivation...Lacking in Both!

Tabata high-intensity strength/cardio interval training1 hour (568 calories burned)
Tabata training is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is beneficial to burning fat. This method uses 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise done as quickly as one can (ex. squat w/ shoulder press) followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles) with 30 seconds rest after all 8 cycles are finished. This is done with 10-12 total exercises for an hour workout. I'm pooped!

Now to address my focus and motivation issues...

It must be that Christmas is virtually here because I am not feeling either of the above today in the least, wasn't yesterday and probably won't tomorrow! I'm feeling like the calm before the storm. I'm ready for the weekend but that's when my mind plays tricks and tries to convince me that I've forgotten something really big.  Calgon...take me away or to "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"!!!! However, I'm not one to panic so I'm thinking of just rolling with the rest of the week and see what happens, marinating in my shortcomings. My kids are older so there is no terror of blowing the beard off Santa, hiding all the presents above the pulldown steps to the attic, or secret midnight wrapping...Thank God! 

The only two things I've done today are workout and make a gigantic batch of cinnamon roasted pecans. Is that enough? Wait...I'm writing so that's something too. And I've answered the door when Fed Ex guy came. I've done four things!!!

So far, the true highlight of my Wednesday was seeing the 16 year old neighborhood Bassett Hound, Buddy, taking his 1 of 3 walks down the block today (you'll never know when you've seen his the last one). Imagine Tim Conway walking Tim Conway. That's how fast Buddy and his, younger than me, owner walk. It's a riot, especially when I see them somewhere unexpected like in town which is three blocks away. I wonder how long it took them to get there and how many hours do they spend walking each day...Buddy in his coat and Owner in his trapper hat? For the longest time, we thought Owner (sorry I don't remember your name but I smile and wave to you every day!) was smoking weed in order to be willing and able to walk that slowly. (Actually, we truly did wonder about the weed!) Owner of Buddy, do you have a job and it's okay if you don't? Now, we just think they both enjoy their time together everyday as they meander the streets of our town!

I don't think I'm going to accomplish anymore today. I am going to chalk up this day, lacking in focus and motivation, to my wine hangover and call it! No pressure! I wonder what time the movie is playing this afternoon!

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