Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Must Exercise!

Since no one reads my blog yet, I have decided to start all my posts with the type of exercise I have accomplished for the day. It will be just a few words unless it was hard as hell then I will complain as well. ...One hour Spin class has made me very hungry... This is for me and not related to anything other than keeping my lazy ass moving. Therefore, I will only sit down to write if I have vigorously moved my bod. If I haven't, I suppose I will still write but  hopefully be embarrassed to admit to the blog, and web, that I failed for the day.

I get one day off, though, and it will usually be Sunday. On Winter Sundays, I slowly read the Chicago Tribune with coffee, eat a late breakfast, watch football (or a movie), read, nap, then drink wine while making dinner. It could be the perfect day, particularly in the winter! Summer Sundays involve very different activities and a vibe all it's own. Love them both but am in love with Sundays in general!

Ok...I must stay focused on this goal of strenuous daily exercise because I have something very fun and important to do in mid-January. These last few weeks have been a kick start to an increased fitness level. The beaches of Tulum are calling my name and I have to debut a recent birthday gift from my best friends at that time...a custom made Rolling Stones bikini! Yikes!!!


  1. I laughed at this one! No one reads mone either so I stopped writing. Of course it is all teaching and family related. Maybe I should start again? Keep going...you are doing something you wanted to do for a while and now have the chance!

    1. Get back out there and write. I promise I would read it. Do something fun with it.

      I am on a huge exercise roll and I'm not stopping any time soon. It feels great!

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