Thursday, December 22, 2011

Go To The Mall At Your Own Risk!

I will say it again and again and again. Don't do it! Don't go to the mall! It will be a big mistake if you do!  Go at the risk of your own sanity! You've been warned!

Please take my word for it. This is what it's like out there and it's nothing short of nuts out there!

The parking lots have cars stalking shoppers in order to park as close as possible never thinking about the line up of cars behind them. You'd think all the honking would switch the dim lightbulb in their noodles to MOVE OVER so we can pass. I'm surprised that I didn't witness an accident. However, I did see flashing red and blue lights. 

Once inside, there are too many people in too narrow of spaces like the shoe department of Nordstrom, and the makeup department for that matter. Customers are running into  each other without an "excuse me" or a even a glance. Basically, you're invisible to other shoppers. Their glazed eyes will look right through you. I must acknowledge the service people at Nordstrom were incredibly pleasant and cheerful! Surprising for 2 days before Christmas.

I am not at all a bah humbug type of person. I'm just not a mall shopper. I avoid the mall at all costs unless I really need an outfit or shoes for something special. I don't browse. I buy, then high tail it out of their as quickly as possible. I don't even know how I got talked into going right before Christmas.

Actually, I do know! My darling, sugar plum fairy of a daughter, who is recently 21, wanted to run a quick errand for makeup. You might be thinking, "Why doesn't she just go herself?". The short answer is she spent from years 18-20 practicing for the Indy 500. The police in Illinois and Indiana didn't care for her choice of practice tracks...the highway. Therefore, her fabulous mom has become her favorite chauffeur for a second time in her life. March 12th can't come fast enough! 

 So I was at the mall, unnecessarily, two days before Christmas with a beautiful 21 year old girl who wanted to spend time with her Mummy!!! At least that's how I would like to think of it!

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