Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Do You Tell Fellow Writers About Typos?

How does Sunday come around so quickly? Here I am, again, writing stream of consciousness style and linking it up over at Fadra’s place

The rules are simple:
Write for five minutes.
Don’t edit.
Here goes…


I wish I could simply butt the heck out. Usually I am so, so, so good at it. Friday, I was not, and I am feeling a bit self-conscious. Maybe uneasy or uncomfortable are better words.

You see, I informed someone, a fellow blogger and acquaintance, of a typo in a post. I thought said writer would probably want to know because maybe the piece was written for something important. Or maybe not even important. Just because. And not to be a pill or anything. As much as I would want to know, I thought this person would want to know.

I even think I have had a writing/blogging conversation with this person, and we agreed that sometimes we can’t see a typo/mistake even though we have read something over and over and over. And sometimes we don’t have the time. Or sometimes maybe we don’t even care. But I do care. I know this person cares.

Oh well. What’s done is done. I can’t take my words back though I hope it was accepted in the spirit in which it was given. I only wanted to help. 

Because I thought you might want to know. 

Because I would want to know.


  1. I have DMd bloggers before who have all appreciated it as I would. It's always just one of those "oh crap" typos that you wanna fix right away. I'd still want to know about all typos but I don't usually say anything if it's like leavinf the "r" off of you or something like that. I did send someone a note once and she did write me back to say that's how she talks and my face burned with embarrassment. A few posts after that she wrote about "grammar nazis". Forgive me for wanting to make sure you didn't look stupid on such a professional site. Everybody doesn't want to be helped ;-)

    1. While only a blog acquaintance, we DID once talked about it. It was the beginning of a paragraph, and to me it stuck out. I probably should have just let it ride. I didn't. If this blogger, who is an excellent and extremely talented writer and "grammar nazi" as well (sorry again!), writes a post about it, I'll just consider it blog fodder!

      I have received gentle corrections in my comment section and by email and always have been very appreciative. I got mad at TheJackB once for NOT correcting me even though I know he'd noticed!

      Kenya! Please tell me if you ever find one, okay? Because I have plenty on a regular basis!!!

    2. I promise ;-) - and I expect you to do the same.

    3. Thank you but I already knew this answer!

  2. I thought I actually had a handle on things but my writing tutor has shown me I'm horrible with it all including speech marks (just spelled speech incorrectly as i always do) Also just did a small i

    1. The minute I push "publish" is when I start seeing the typos no matter how many times I have re-read a post! Then I go back and see one at a time until I think I have them all, but most likely missed one!

      We aren't perfect, and that is okay. I probably shouldn't have said anything but I did.

  3. I get mad at that JackB guy for not telling me about typos all the time. He is a pain my ass.

    1. In all fairness for the comment above, I haven't told you about any I have found but that JackB has NO excuses!

  4. Honestly, I have TONS of typos on my blog but it's because I'm usually too lazy to proofread. It's true! I write and rarely proofread. When I do, I end up with a much better piece. Most people don't care about my typos but when some people point them out, I know the spirit with which it was intended!