Thursday, April 9, 2015

Job Application Email: Velvet Verbosity

Dear Sandmeyer's,

Crossing your threshold, you may hear an audible [SIGH]. Fear not! It’s only me 
paying my weekly visit, not serial stalking. Your warmth and beauty wrap me like a favorite afghan. My heart pounds harder; its walls nearly bursting with uncontainable bliss. Forefront, I stand, presenting my arm for your euphoric injection, and will here admit my only transgression being Otherwise, I pledge complete faithfulness to you.

Searching for exuberant staff? Look no further! I’ve long dreamed of working here, even if for free. So I mercifully beg; please indulge this lifelong bibliophile. 

Kindest regards,


Velvet Verbosity's word this week was INDULGE.


  1. Perfect! The best appointment for a lover of books like you. <3

    1. I sent them a note. Who knows where it goes from there. Fingers crossed!

  2. That's quite an application. I do hope they say yes :) loved your take on the prompt

    1. Well, it wasn't quite those exact words, but pretty close. I hope they do too! I offered to fill-in or whatever they need! Accommodating and flexible, that's me! It's a cool bookstore in a historic building in the publishing district of Chicago called Printer's Row. So nice to "see" you again, Ruby!