Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do You Have a Fish Tank?

Can you not completely lose yourself in it? 
Gaze for hours.
I do.

When I look at it from the top, it appears so much smaller than its 90,000 gallons. Seems sparse since it is deep, and only some fish swim along the surface. Seems like it's the predators. And there's a whole social system within it as well.

Somewhat of an eavesdropper on their lives,
I can see this.
Everyone needs to behave, including me.

Some fish school. 
Angel Fish swim in pairs. 
Snappers seem to lead solitary lives.

Imagine a gigantic tank filled with life and color and textures. Then imagine slipping into its peacefulness. Some approach cautiously then flit off. Others nip my fingers anticipating food, or my flesh.

Five stingrays fight for my attention.
Suck my mask trying to kiss me.
Things brush past.

It is like playing in their secret world. 
Not mine. 
Like taking a Caribbean vacation. 
Without leaving. 
It's feeling like you are the luckiest person in the world. 


  1. Is that really you, in the tank, at the Shedd Aquarium? Wow, that would be so amazing!!!

    I have two fish tanks at home, a 2 gallon tank with our goldfish, Stripe, and a 1 gallon tank for our female Betta, Lacey. They keep me company when I'm alone in the house. :)

  2. Come visit!!! It's so much fun to walk around the exhibit in my wetsuit before the show, and talk to the kids! So many fun questions!

    We used to have a small bowl with a Beta fish named Henrietta. I watched her constantly. She had a floating mirror and, I swear, she was always checking herself out. Amused me for hours. Betas are notoriously not the easiest to keep alive. She had a date with the toilet, I'm afraid!