Monday, April 6, 2015


I like the idea of starting out a Monday by reflecting on what I have read (since weekends are generally productive), am reading, and plan for the week in...reading, of course. Check out the links at Book Journey to see what other people have in their hands this week!

Last week I wrapped up:

There was and IS so much hype surrounding this book. I still don't know how I really feel about it. I liked the story. The style in which it was written appealed to me. But I was expecting a higher quality of writing, I think. Hey, I was not anticipating anything in the prose style or writing caliber of Stoner by John Williams (which happens to be one of my favorite books (possibly of all time)). I don't know. There was a disconnect for me. Somewhere. I can't place my finger exactly where so I am citing the actual writing, not the story telling. It has an engaging elicit element, which is always up my alley, and it was definitely on the scintillating side almost from start to finish. Some things can not be explained, so I guess I have to leave it at a visceral feeling.


Oh, Anna. I have liked many of your books though haven't read one in years. I am not even sure where or when I picked this one up. Maybe I am in a grumpy book mood or maybe simply busy, but this one was average for me. Sure, I read the whole thing. I just didn't care for the story or characters all that much. I wish I could get to a place where I put down books that are not stimulating me in the ways I wish to be, uh, stimulated (?).

On that note, I am currently reading:
Go check out the Goodreads link for a full description. I am sure the artwork on the cover got a decent amount of votes for "Most Interesting Book Cover of the Year" (There is such a thing!). It has plenty of spicy moments with the whole teacher/student sexual taboo/dynamics. I am very much liking it.

I am also trying to wrap up:
I love this book! It is the debut novel in which Waldman, a woman, is writing about the dating life/habits/challenges from a man's point of view. She has a great voice, and I think she does this wonderfully.

This has been on my "currently reading" shelf for a long time. The reason being is I left it in a hotel (halfway finished during a 13 hour flight) in Qatar, which is a Muslim country. I tried to download it at their airport so I could finish on the next flight. No dice! Since I was in this part of the world, Amazon wouldn't allow me to download it. Not considered suitable by this religion. This is probably for good and particular reasons. I found my way around the loophole and had it sent to my Kindle within the hour. Too bad I fell asleep on the flight, put it aside, never returning to it until today.

I am also listening to:

Next up:
I've had this book on my radar for quite some time. I even have it on my bookshelf now. I am dying to read it so I hope I pick it up next. You never know how the wind blows...

Please tell me what you are reading. I am always interested!


  1. WOW, is it a coincidence that the author's last name of Tampa is NUTting and the cover is a vagina?

    1. Hahaha!!!!! You can only disguise it for so long. I didn't really "see" the button hole at first blush!

  2. wow. you are really a great source. I did read the Quinlin book. I agree it wasn't all that great -- but I did like a 60 year old having a thing with a younger man. Don't read much of that, but obviously compared to you I don't read that much. :) Right now I'm in the middle of Bittersweet. One of Colleen McCullough's last -- or it might be her last, she died in January. I saw it on the table at the library and just grabbed it. It's okay too. Better than Breadcrumbs. You need to right about leaving books in Qatar.

    1. Oh yeah! Loved the older woman/younger man thing quite a lot! Younger women are overrated, aren't they? ;-) All kidding aside, she's a good author but not the story I wanted at the moment. I'm going to check out Bittersweet!

      In Qatar for such a short time, though it had plenty of impact. Now Nepal! I can write thousands of words on that topic!!!