Thursday, November 5, 2015

Random Thoughts Thursday: NaBloPoMo (Day...?)

When you decide to blog every day, there are going to be those where you are short on time, extremely busy and distracted.

Today is one of those days…

I heard a morsel of information this morning that I decided to take on faith. I am not going to “Google” or “Wiki” it so take the leap with me. 

Did you know that grasshoppers can only jump forward?  That means not sideways, or backwards. Be that grasshopper only moving forward. I like this. “Grasshoppers for $500 Alex”.

You know how I hate Costco, right? It’s not only the parking lot and crowds. Who doesn’t spend a freaking fortune on things they really don’t need? I ended up with a $210 bill when I only went in there for some pork tenderloin. I guess I needed a new puffy coat for this next Chicago winter. The Farmer’s Almanac says it’s going to be another doozy. 

I forgot to mention in my post about books yesterday that I am also listening to A Bollywood Affair. I’ll get back to you on the author. Little known fact about me… I love all things Bollywood especially the movies. This book, so far, is entertaining and light and exactly what I need for the car and walking to work.

Speaking of work, the fish need to be fed. And that’s my job.


  1. Don't buy pork at Costco and you won't spend so much money. It works. I am proof. ;)

  2. I just renewed our Costco card, but we still haven't been back. You'd think going to the regular grocery store every other day for stuff would make us go, but nope. I'm determined, though. And no, I didn't know that about grasshoppers. They sure seem like they're going backwards when I come upon them in the basement trying to get to the dryer. Maybe they're leaping UP. Oh, wait, those are crickets. Never mind.

    1. For hateful reasons I mention above, I am not *our* regular Costco shopper. I have a hubby for that! He loves it though. Share the grasshopper knowledge! I touch a lot of gross things on a regular basis, but I can't pick up a grasshopper. I swear they poop on me every time (or maybe when I was a kid, someone told me they *would* poop on me. Whatever. Not picking one up any time soon.) Arnebya, you never cease to crack me up.

  3. So seriously, I heard the opposite about our Chicago winter on the radio, and that we were in for a mild season this year! I sure hope I'm right. :)